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Research shows Thyroid Treatment can improve Bone Density not cause it!!!

Hi all I was kindly sent two research papers today from one of the Admin team and they dispel the "warnings" my GP gave me last night on the telephone. Someone I have never met!!! One paper refers to a Radiologist's experiences with Thyroid patients bones and notes that their bone density is OFTEN better than non- Thyroid patients. Also the other paper re perceived " heart attacks " notes that previous research was done on elderly people who were very sendentary and not an accurate reflection of the general population". Great to show my doctor. Best wishes JAne x

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Glad you got a result! :)

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The trouble with clinical tests is that it is often decided what the results are wanted and actual results are ignored.


NDT contains calcitonin amongst other products that are obviously not in Levothyroxine or liothyronine. For anybody who has no thyroid these products will therefore be absent and many illnesses could consequently occur for them, probably including heart and bone problems.


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