Itchy rash on Pharma Mercury liquid thyroxine

Long story guys, when I was first put on levothyroxine the tablet form I came out in this same itchy rash, so docs put me on the liquid form all was well no rash , now drs have upped my doze and given me this new bottle from a different pharmaceutical supplier and I've got the rash that I had with the tablets!!! Im So fed up with all this and don't get me started on the palpitations there a nightmare 😐😐😐

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  • Take back to chemist and tell them you've come out with a rash with this new liquid thyroxine and ask them to source the other one for you.

    How long have you had palpitations?

  • Yes I will il take them down today,I've had the palpitations on and off for a week now

  • You could also try taking an anti-histamine tablet one hour before your next dose and if you don't have a reaction, it is definitely the hormones.

    I'm sorry you have palpitations and hope they resolve soon.

  • Which different supplier?

    Check the Product Licence (P/L) on the Patient Information Leaflet.

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