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I have been on Levothyroxine for a short time since Nov 2016. Initially 50 mcgs and the last 5 weeks 75 mcgs. Doctors and Endo ignored my very poor health but. Renal doctor prescribed Levo for two reasons. A) to stop kidney function deteriorating as I have CKD Stage 3 and b) to try and reduce my cholesterol (7.1) without the use of STATINS. Last night a GP I have not even met suggested thes blood results could cause HEART FAILURE, HEART ATTACK, bone problems and osteoporosis!!! He wanted to WARN me. I advised I think there is more chance I could take a heart attack NOW with sky high blood pressure and high cholesterol and kidney disease than suppressed a TSH. He says he needs a letter from the Renal doctor that's it's "ok" for my TSH to be suppressed. Does anyone have any new research please as proof " suppressed TSH does not cause HEART & BONE problems.?current bloods show: TSH 0.1 (0.3-4.26) FT4 13.0 (9-24) FT3 5.1 (3.5-6.5). Ferritin now still only 36. I can breathe properly for the first time in 2 years. Any comments or research to support me would be very appreciated. Big hugs Jane xxxxx

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  • I shall give you a link and I don't know why they try to frighten us. Of course they may believe in fairy tales but we are at the brunt of these kinds of statements.

  • Thanks Shaws I will read them after work tonight. Told GP my BP was 189/121 the previous evening and cholesterol 7.1 . Fasting diabetes test 6.1 and THAT wd give me a heart attack not Thyroid medication. Just hope Consultant will continue to support me as the Endo wrote to him to recommend NO TREATMENT. Told gp I have discharged my self from a Endo as she prefers to wait until my TSH is 10?!?! She actually said that despite the fact that my kidney function would deteriorate and cholesterol get worse. Sorry I'm going on take care and thank you again. Xx

  • You are the best person to know how you feel and in the UK the horrendous 'no meds till your TSH is ?' based on useless research. Other countries prescribe when TSH is around 3 and many holistic doctors don't take so much notice of TSH.

    TSH is good initially for either diagnosing hyper and hypo, but in the UK to wait till it reaches 10 which it might never do and the patient is crippled and has probably damaged other parts of their body. The more you read the more you realise it's a 'Do It Ourselve's' for many patients otherwise life will be difficult.

    Other doctors in the UK protested but those in power don't listen to either them or the patients. Those who protested had to resign or be struck off or resigned their licence.

  • A higher cholesterol level might show up before actually diagnosed with hypothyroidism as it is a common clinical symptoms and will reduce with optimal thyroid hormones. Some doctors in the past prescribed Statins instead!

  • My NHS Endo had to advise there was a chance of developing osteoporosis later in life if my TSH was really low (which it is) or suppressed, however, she also said the research she had seen went against what she has been told BUT she has to warn me. She said she wasn't worried but I needed to be told (part of her roles and responsible to her patients)

  • Hi Lindsay

    Thanks your Endo seems more realistic than others and good of her to tell you this. Xx

  • My TSH is also "suppressed" at 0.05 whilst on NDT, but even if there is proven CERTAINTY of these things being encountered by taking it (which is not possible, of course) I would NEVER go back to taking levo as my life would not be worth living as it would make me so ill........AGAIN!

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