GP gives warning today re dangers of suppressed TSH!!!!

So my GP phoned today to advise the blood test he requested, has come back as o

TSH 0.1(0.3-4.26) and FT4 13.(9/24). No Ft3 but was 5.1 in Nov 2016.

Gp states that suppressed TSH could cause heart attack, heart failure, bone issues and osteoporosis!! Help!!!! Any comments. Thank you xxxx

PT3 was 5.1

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  • Hmm. Are you feeling well on this dose of meds? Any symptoms of overmedication (raised heart rate and temp, tremor, overactive bowels etc)? Any current heart issues? This is always a judgement call as taking too much medication can indeed cause heart and bone problems, but it seems that 'too much' is not a straightforward matter.

    If you're feeling well and showing no signs of being overmedicated you have to decide if your current well-being is worth risking future - hypothetical - health issues. Since these are hypothetical and you can reduce your risks by staying healthy and monitoring your thyroid levels, you may indeed feel that current well-being is more important.

    If you're feeling well and your t3 is within range I would not worry overly about a suppressed tsh. I have had two doctors tell me that the tsh being below range is less important than the t3 being above range if that makes sense.

    Equally, if you want you can agree to trial a tiny reduction in meds (just enough to get you back in range, starting w a small reduction every other day) and see how you feel. You may want to say in advance that you will try a small step down in dose for a predetermined period (a month or so say) but will not agree to a permanent reduction if it means feeling poorly. It is up to you really.

    What you want to avoid is having the doctor stop your meds or reduce them unnecessarily harshly. Any change should be made in small increments. Don't forget the only thing here that's slightly off is tsh, not t3 or t4.

  • Hi puncturedbicycle

    Thanks for you post yes that makes sense .. I'm getting new FT3 test tomorrow privately and I feel ok apart from hypo probs although better than before. I think I'm undermedicated as still lots symptoms xx

  • Ask him to prove it. He won't be able to, because it's just not true.

    Then post again asking for proof that low TSH doesn't not cause heart and bone failure. There was a study done recently, but I don't have a link to it.

  • Thanks greygoose .. my bones are strong.. I have fallen a lot due to balance and stiffness and never once in my life broken a bone. Xxxx

  • That's good. Tell him, if he's worried, to test your heart and bones, but as you're sure they're good, you will take the responsibility, and keep your TSH where it makes you well. After all, he's there to advise you, not to dictate to you.

  • For what this is worth: I think that the acid test for bone strength is what happens when you have a fall. I came to this conclusion after two events. Once I was carrying a "Gorilla Shelf" structure without its shelves - you walk inside it like you are in a cage, it's the easiest way to transport them. I was walking thus on a steep grassy slope in light rain and I slipped and fell! I went bumping down the slope inside this cage which refused to stop until it hit the bottom. Everything got hit, over and over again as the cage rotated. I truly thought I was a gonna. In addition to that event, just a few weeks ago I fell off my bike in the road! It was my fault, my wallet dropped out of my saddle bag and as I looked back I briefly panicked and lost balance. Again, on the way down I thought, "This is it!".

    Now, my TSH is about .0001 and had been for 10 years before my falls. Guess what guys? No bones broken! If you can fall down, even if not so dramatically, and not break anything, your bones are just fine.

  • Hi LAHss

    Thank you for your post wow you certainly have 9 lives!!!! And strong bones to survive all that. I also have had quite a few crashing Falls and no broken bones. Think ankles are quite weak. Goodnight and take care xx

  • And I have had every heart test known to man and told I do not have cardiac problems. Nor asthma. It is thyroid . I had 50 symptoms. Still have about 47 lol but I can breathe and making slow progress. Thank you xx

  • Greygoose that's an excellent point "gps are there to advise not dictate". X

  • Alot of bum doctors

  • Hi reikimaster

    You can say that again!!!!!


  • I had my bloods taken in December . I was taking T3 only . Now the GP has banned my prescription because it's a "" specialist drug"" ! X

  • I've been in T3 since 2011! X

  • On😀

  • Reikimaster

    Hope T3 is helping you? My Levo may be banned soon too withoutT3 which I may consider.. not sure how long I should give for Levo to work. It's been 3 mths so far and it's stopped breathlessness and fluid retention and most of exhaustion. Very informative way to go tho. Hope you are doing ok . Take care xx

  • Predictive text lol .. long way to go not informative haha

  • Rotterdam study, I think.

  • Yes, I thought so, too, but wasn't sure. :)

  • Hi Dreamer12

    Heres a link that might help

    Myy gp said the same to me but at the time I was too new this to know any better and he reduced my levo. He'd have kittens if he saw my results now on T3 only as TSH & FT4 are both undetectable.

  • Fantastic singoutlous I will post this to GP. Xxxx

  • Dreamer12, it looks to me like you are more likely to be undermedicated. Your freeT4 is pretty low in range, and it should usually be in the top quarter.

    But symptoms are a lot more important than blood tests. If you feel well definitely don't allow your dose to be reduced for a flimsy reason like this, you have a lot to lose.

  • Hi Dreamer 12 I have been told I was taking risks and was over medicated. So endo who particularly mentioned osteoporosis referred me for a DEXA. Scan he was surprised Id never had one before. The results showed excellent bone density, expected in someone 30+ years younger than me. I was attending for T3/T4 trial but he wouldn't increase dose of T3 because of below range TSH so I reverted to NDT.

  • Hi ivorheadache

    Thanks for your post re DEXA scan and bone density . I could bring that up if this facade continues. They would rather A & E emergencies (4 in a year) and put a person's life at risk than prescribe a simple, inexpensive tablet. Yes they can test my heart and bones if they wish!!!! Xx

  • Ivor headaches wow that's amazing your bone results were better than a person 30 years younger!!! Bet that made you smile. Pity they wdnt let you have T3 increase. I've not even got a proper diagnosis!! I will get there though!! Xx

  • Perhaps your doctor has never understood the impact of inadequate thyroid hormones on heart attack, heart failure, bone issues and osteoporosis?

    They are all so ready to worry about over-dosing. Yet many so-called subclinical hyperthyroid patients are left just to get on with it - until their thyroid hormone levels go stratospheric.

  • Helvella you are so right!!!! I believe I am needing more than 75 mcgs Levo as although I feel better than before I still have a long way to go xx

  • Good word "stratospheric!!!" Yes exactly what the Renal doc said in his letter to the surger " some doctors prefer to wait until a person is severely hypothyroid before treatment but he believes I need treatment NOW". X

  • If you are in danger of all those illnesses then I am more so as my TSH is 0.05 whilst taking NDT. As I have been so demanding upon my GP and he knows what's coming his way if he objects to the results, he relegated me to seeing a simple nurse, not himself or even the group sister, when I last went to see about the results. No objections were raised!

    It is how you feel that matters most and you can be fairly certain that if your meds are reduced you will get hypo symptoms. This scenario is recounted time and time again on these forums. So do, as advised above, to stand up to the doc and demand to know what makes him think that these things are possible.

    As with all things thyroid, it is totally inadequate for him to merely repeat the recommendations he has apparently been given from "above". He must supply the original proof, as said on other replies, which he will not be able to as it does not seem to exist.

    Simple proof of the ways in which the entire medical industry tells us lies is to look at the website of Forest Pharmaceuticals at : “Armour Thyroid Tablets, USP, contain the labeled amounts of levothyroxine (T4)and liothyronine (T3)”

    This is repeated by a contractor to the the NHS at where it says: “Desiccated thyroid extract is derived from porcine thyroid gland. One grain contains 38mcg levothyroxine (T4) and 9mcg liothyronine (T3) per 65mg of the labelled amount of thyroid.”

    This has meant that an endocrinologist has written to me asserting that “The active constituents of Armour are levothyroxine and liothyronine”

    How it is possible for a 100% natural product that has been on the market for 100 years or so could possibly have synthetic chemicals as its major constituents is beyond belief. For this LIE to be accepted as gospel by medics worldwide is definitive proof of corruption at the highest level. In a court case in 2010, FP was fined $313Million for similar practices relating to a different thyroid product when Carmen Ortiz, U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, said this: “Both the criminal and civil cases were predicated upon the fact that Forest Pharmaceuticals made a calculated decision to place a higher priority on increasing corporate sales than on complying with the basic, legal requirements that Congress and the FDA created to protect the American public”.

    Suggest you print this out and show it to your doc and ask him why you should believe anything he has to say without proper proof that it is not a similar LIE.

  • Thankyou. All you say is true in my experience. I too demand explanation to any treatment and medication given to me.

    I have told many doctors off and one of my statements is simply, isn't how well I feel important too? "

    I have been told NDT does not work at all then in the next breath, that it was inconsistent in its treatment. Well, its one or the other. It can not be both. This doctor was pushing the synthetic thyroxine which is the accepted line. I seem to have a better response from the old tryed and true meds.

  • If your doc maintains that NDT does not work, then ask him why he reckons that forums such as this, TPA, those on Facebook and several others actually exist.

    As to him saying it is inconsistent, well! How consistent does he think levo is when it is an undisputed fact that there are 300,000 people (including me) in the UK who remain ill, very ill in my case, when taking it?

    From my own case, ie without a thyroid and with no problems with my endocrine system, I can state quite categorically that NDT IS consistent; it is the patients' illnesses that are inconsistent. Most patients would probably feel better taking it, but there will, of course, be some for who it does not have the desired effect, which is to make them feel fit and well again, irrespective of what any blood tests may show.

  • I should clarify my post. I am travelling Australia in our caravan and at the moment we are 900km away from Brisbane where my GP has his practice and who prescribed NDT.

    I return if any problems but otherwise I see a local doctor and are fully armed with my medical history etc. and well prepared for our travelling. I am also on our national electronic health system that doctors can access.

    It was time for my regular blood tests so I went to a local GP to get the referrals I needed. One of the tests being for Thyroid Function and, I needed a new script for the compond chemist to make up my capsules. That was when he gave me his opinion of NDT. We agreed to disagree.

    Needless to say he could not write the script correctly - pharmacist told him how to write it. That is ok as I knew that would happen as not many doctors know how to write compounding scripts.

    Believe me, I am not bullied by the medical profession due to my many health problems and living in Saudi Arabia for 12 years.

    It is a joke in my family when seeing a new doctor of "did you tell him/her off?" Just so many outrageous things have been said to me etc.

    So I have learnt to take control, listen, do my own research, ask for explanations and stand up for myself, after all it is my body and health.

  • Hi Panda31

    Thank you for your post. Wow you have certainly got the medics to listen to you.. that's fantastic!!!!!!! Xxx

  • Rubbish! Suppressed TSH does not mean that you will get what the doctor says! Your TSH SHOULD be suppressed it is irrelevent that way. Sack this ignorant doctor and get another!

  • Glynisrose thanks for post you are soo right!!!! This whole thyroid diagnosis and treatment is ludicrous. I'm new to all this but I'm learning fast!!!!! Take care 😀😀😀😀

  • I wish I had a penny for every time I reply to a mail like this. THE NHS ONLY LOOK AT THE TSH, if that is wrong or suppressed they want to lower your medication namly thyroxin, the NHS Dont test T3. If your thyroxin levels are right which in your case they are then it is more than likely to be your adrenals . Get them checked out but again the NHS dont check your adreanals.

    I know its a joke and you may think I am cruel but these are the hard facts.

    Yours John c

  • Hi stockman27

    I have already had my adrenals checked by the NHS. I have already been diagnosed by a consultant and I am testing my own T3 . The NHS did test my T3. Every case is individual.

  • If you feel well, it's not a problem. Low TSH is *not* the same thing as hyperthyroidism. If your FT4 and FT3 are within range (of course GP won't test FT3 - right?), I sincerely doubt you are hyperthyroid. I have stumbled across two meta-studies that claim any "bad" effects from low TSH, don't begin until TSH<0.05, and even that may be questionable.

  • Hi Eddie83

    Thanks for your post re research on TSH very interesting . It's amazing the lengths the doctors will go to.. to ensure you don't get Thyroid medications. Hugs xx

  • Eddie83... the Endo checked my FT3 after 8 weeks on Levo and it was 5.1. (3.5-6.5). I will be doing private blood tests this week also. X

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