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Anti-Inflammotory pills and Levoxthyrine

Hello. I have only been on levoxthyrine since December, recently diagnosed. From time to time I suffer with sciatica and today it's flared up - big time from sitting at my desk too long without getting up! Before levoxthyrine, I used to take 600mg ibuprfen or tramadol. Can I take either of these with levoxthyrine? I am on 100mg levoxthyrine taken early morning. Thanks

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Try taking Levothyroxine 2 hours away from painkillers to avoid reducing absorption of thyroxine. If you occasionally need to take a painkiller within that time span it should be okay but regularly may reduce absorption and require you to get a dose increase.

I hope the sciatica pain resolves soon!


There is a NSAI Oil that can be applied called Pennsaid that I have been prescribed here in Crete. A UK product according to the box - by Solopharm Consultancy or Dimethaid UK Limited .... works a treat on my Trochanter Bursitis 😊

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Thanks. I'll Google it :)

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