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Still not quite right, latest results

Still not quite right, latest results

Afternoon everyone,

I have just had latest bloods from Blue Horizon.

I've been on 75 mg Levo for 8 weeks or so, and am taking all advised vitamins and supplements as advised on this site, following having my vitamin levels tested. Taking Levo as advised on an empty stomach, at night, away from food and all other supplements.

I am not fully restored to normal energy levels, although I am a whole lot better than I was. My core temp is still steadily stabilising and also rising, having been very wildly fluctuating, so adrenals have been stabilising.

Should I increase my Levo by 25 mg, as T4could be a little higher as well as T3, conversion I think is ok?

Or is it time to wonder about T3 with all the difficulties with the GP that will cause?

Advice most welcome

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Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a couple of months. It may be worth waiting a bit. If you don't feel you can wait then ask your GP to increase dose but be prepared for a refusal as many GPs are very reluctant for TSH to become suppressed.


Thanks for your help Clutter, I'll hang on in there a bit longer then.


I would say you need to increase slighty. It takes a while to Vitamins to kick in as well or may be 100/75 alternately and retest and see what things are like then. As you say both are low so I would suspect more a low Dow than not. Inverting but as levels rise it will be easier to see.


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