many thyroidies have Lyme and do not know it but have tests after tests and it is not discovered so I have found this and I have

emailed them to day and asked why nhs testing is so inadequate and why doctors and government alike are in denial, I read that by 2028 it will be properly epidemic and no one is safe ,not only passed on by direct ticks but from other animals/insects if they have been bitten, one lady I speak to wa sbitten by horseflies and has lyme, a tick is also the size of a poppy seed in in is infant stage and is just as deadly, when you open this link and scroll to the email addy you will see that Lyme is added to the rare bacterias .

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  • Latest Government statistics for infection rates of Lyme disease:

  • shocking there is no help

  • Agree Pettals it is shocking this disease is not given more credence in the medical world.

  • How did you get yours diagnosed, did you have to pay for a private blood test?

  • who are you talking to mariliz

  • I was asking you, as it sounded from the heading that you have got a diagnosis now? Have I misunderstood?

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