Hi everyone I have finally seen a Dr who has said I can have a t3 test + b12 folate feratin + vit d. She gave me a form to take to a medical center to have my blood taken and on the form for the t3 test where it says Service Description she's typed (FTEXT ) Biochemistry ( unlisted ) I was wondering if any of you knew if this is a medical term for t3 test as I had my t4 etc tests done in October but still having hypo symptoms. I'm taking 2grains of ndt + 6 mg of t,3 at the moment but ive stopped taking them ,+ my vitamins since Thursday for when I get my tests done. I would be so grateful for your help on this and thanks in advance

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  • Alfinno,

    I don't know what FTEXT means. A FT3 test request is likely to say:

    Free T3, or FT3, or Triiodothyronine.

    Why have you stopped taking your meds? You need to keep taking them to see whether the dose is adequate. Leave 12 hours between last dose and blood draw which should be early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) as TSH drops after eating and drinking.

  • Hi clutter I thought you had to stop your meds before a blood test. Can I still take all my Vits aswell (b12 folate Vit d ) if I'm getting tested for them as well. I will have to ring my GP to ask about the form now as I'm confused as she did give me another form with test t4 + t3 but said not to go with it incase I needed another form + the receptionist rang the next morning for me to collect the form with (FTEXT ) on. Hope I haven't confused you.

  • Alfinno,

    Leaving 12 hours between last dose of NDT and blood test is sufficient. Take B12, folate and vitD after the blood test.

    I'd take all the blood request forms you've been given. The phlebotomist should be able to work out which is the correct form.

  • Thanks very much clutter for your help+ I will do that

  • Ask the phlebotomist, they will know.

  • Be aware if you are supplementing with Vitamin B12 NICE guidelines make it clear that having an inactive ("normal" blood/serum) vitamin B12 test is not useful.

    So if your vitamin B12 level comes back high tell your doctor:

    A. You are supplementing, and,

    B. NICE guidelines state the test isn't useful as you get a skewed result.

    The reason for this is doctors routinely freak out when they see high vitamin B12 levels.

    I suggest you post a new thread on whether you should continue the vitamin B12 if it is high AFTER you get the results.

  • Hi bluebug thanks for your help with this + I will do that

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