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Hello, I'm a former graves disease patient, in remission since 2011. (diagnosed in 2008). Was treated with block / replace method (carbimazole and levo).

I'm 45 and 2 months ago I started to have hot flashes (at night mainly) and skipped 2 periods since, so it looks like I'm in perimenopause 😡. The GPS I saw ruled out thyroid disease relapse as the tests came back normal. I also feel fine within my self, no thyroid symptoms during the day and no symptoms except light flushes. But sleep quite poorly because of the hot flushes which are stronger then and wake me up 3-4 times a night at least and sometimes trigger full insomnia.

I've been taking menopace for about a month and not sure it is really helping but I might need to take it longer to see any effect. But I noticed that there is iodine in it (225 um) and I'm a bit worried I should stay away from supplements with iodine because of my thyroid history. Does anyone know if this dosage could be harmful?

The full formula of this supplement can be found here

Any advice on that welcome. Thanks in advance ☺️

PS: I also started black cohosh 2 weeks ago as it's been recommended to me by a friend to control hot flushes...

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We shouldn't be taking supplements with iodine in unless we know we're deficient. 225mcg iodine is quite high, the RDA for adults is 150mcg, and a lot of that is obtained from simple food such as non-organic milk and yogurt.

You can do an easy urine iodine test through Genova Diagnostics (you have to go through ThyroidUK as your 'practioner' and the test you want is - END25

"Urine Iodine Test:

Specimen requirements: Urine

Cost: £71.00

Order Code: END25

Turnaround time: 16 - 19 days

Iodine is an essential trace element, vital for healthy thyroid function. Adequate levels are required to

enable the production of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones, whilst also being required in other areas of health.

Deficiencies can lead to impaired heat and energy production, mental function and slow metabolism. Urine

iodine is one of the best measures of iodine status. This test is not performed as a loading test, but can be used to establish existing levels or to monitor iodine supplementation."

Also, if you're taking any other supplements you could be taking more of certain vitamins and minerals than you should be, just a thought and worth checking the amounts.

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Thank you Susie. I think I'll stop taking it then... I will be talking to a herbalist next week who treats menopause symptoms with natural herbal tea and tinctures. Hopefully this will be better for me and work for the hot flushes! All the best to you and thx again for your detailed response. ☺️


I meant non-organic milk, predictive text!!!!!! I've changed it now :)


I never found any of the menopause supplements any use at all. Best for me was Agnus Castus, but it depends on what you are deficient/unblanced in - there used to be a test you could do - something like My Menopause type - try a search for that. It gave a list of possible supplments for your type. Since you were hyper, you can probably take soy-based supplments (but not sure). Miso soup is quite useful. Nothing containing iodine, of course.

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