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You knowledge people pls help!

Hey guys,

How would I know I am on optimal dose? Atm I'm taking 2,5 grains Armour. Many things are better but I still get very poor circulation on my extremities and sluggish brain. Like my toes go white and frozen even just 20 mins outside and have to take shower to defrost as it's impossible. I cannot fall asleep without socks as difficult to warm up feet. My hair loss is still very bad (even though o adressed iron, fatty acids, vit D, etc.... I read it all about hair now :-(). My last TSH on 2 grains was 0.22 (range 0,27 - 4,20) but since then I increased to 2,5 grains and not tested yet. Been 6weeks. If i increase to 3 grains do you think it'd be too much?

Thank you lots

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We need to see FT4 and FT3 in addition to TSH to advise whether you are adequately replaced.

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Without thyroid blood test results it is impossible to say.

There may be more things going on apart from (or as well as) possible under-medication.

Do you have results and reference ranges for iron/ferritin, vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D? If you have please post them along with your thyroid results.

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Thank you ladies, I will upload my test today ass soon as I have a minute.

Thank you

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