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Nervous about my 1st appt

I'm 45 years old and going through mentapause and I have a over active thyroid and I really don't have a clue or understand this. I'm going to see my family Dr. Tomorrow morning and I have no idea what to expect. What usually happens for a first appt? Do they refer me to someone else that deals with the thyroid or will my family Dr try and get it leveled.?

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Welcome to the group OveractiveN45. Have you had blood tests that have indicated that you have an overactive thyroid? If so it would be worth posting your results along with their lab ranges - that's the numbers in brackets beside each result.

On my first visit to the family doctor she looked at my shaky hands, got out her little reflex hammer and tested reflexes, listened to my pounding heart and asked a few questions then booked me in for a blood test the next day.

I had the blood tests done and the following day I came home and found a message telling me I had a very overactive thyroid with antibodies, she had left a prescription for antithyroid pills at reception, she had made an appointment for me to see an endo and would I book in for another blood test in four weeks time.

Within two days of seeing my GP I was taking carbimazole.

I didn't see my GP again after that. After my blood test I got a letter from my endo (hadn't seen her at all at that point) with the results of the four week blood test and as nothing much had changed after four weeks of taking 20mcg a day telling me to increase my carbimazole to 40mcg a day.

My first hospital appointment was for two months later and as I didn't have any more blood tests during that time I was quite hypo by the time I got to the hospital.

My hospital treats by block and replace so I was started on levothyroxine at that point. I took the carbimazole and levo together until the following November my bloods were where my endo wanted them to be and I stopped everything at once.

So because I was told I was hyper on the phone and never saw my gp again it's hard to know what will happen with you.

People who arehyperactive should be referred to an endocrinologist so that should happen. Yes u might be started on antithyroid drugs like I was - especially if your surgery file shares with your local hospital like mine does.

Always get and keep a copy of your test results along with their ranges. I started to keep a diary of how I was feeling every day - just a quick line or two - that was useful in showing how I was improving as time went on. It also showed how things went as my dose of thyroxine was increased and it meant that when I was asked how I was feeling that I knew how things were - otherwise it would all have bern a big blur and I would probably have said 'fine' then got home and remembered I wasn't fine. It also worked theother way and I could see how much I had improved even if I didn't feel I was improving.

I kept all my blood results in my notebook along with how I was feeling as well as any questions I wanted to ask when I saw my Endo.

Read as much as you can about thyroid conditions as knowledge is good and ask questions, you want to be a part of your treatment - not just to have it 'done' to you.

This is a good place to find out information, there will always be someone out there who can help you. I don't think I'd have survived without the advice and support from here. The Thyroiduk.org website is another great resource to use.

Get your vitamins B12 and D checked out and also ferritin and folate, you want them all to be well up in their ranges to benefit your thyroid.

Good luck, don't let them say it's 'your age' though.

Oh and ask if you have got Graves Disease (overactive thyroid with antibodies) I knew I had antibodies but it wasn't until I askd if what I had was like Graves Disease that the endo said that was what I had, suspect if I hadn't asked I might not have been told!


Great reply. I was diagnosed with Graves 35 years ago and finished up having radioactive iodine treatment. Now stable on Armour thyroid.

Recently read a book by Amy Myers called The Autoimmune Solution - she also had Graves and RI treatment. She is a Dr and now practices functional medicine in USA. She says she is reversing such conditions through eating properly. Wish I had known this at your stage!

Good luck.

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