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I'm glad I stopped am I wrong

Hi I'm Aclf. I have a hyperthyroid and I stopped for 2 days. I'm taking 88 Mcg of Levothyroxine for three years. I lost a lot of weight and went down to 30lbs. Not my Dr was giving me 100 Mcg. I started gaining weight back i am unhappy with the weight I am now. I shot up to 180lbs. I just stopped taking them yesterday and it's my second day now. Since I have stopped will this hurt me

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Hi Acif, welcome to the forum.

Surely, if you are taking levo, you are hypOthyroid, not hypERthyroid. Levo is a thyroid hormone replacement, for people whose glands can no-longer make enough hormone to keep them well. Or, have you had your thyroid gland removed?

Very difficult to make any comment on your situation, without seeing your latest labs. Do you have a copy?

Actually, completely stopping your dose of levo will hurt you. You cannot live without thyroid hormone. If you stay off it long enough, you will become very ill.

If you felt well on 88 mcg, and not so good on 100, why don't you just go back to 88, rather than stopping it altogether? That would make more sense. :)


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