anyone who wears wigs can you help here please

my endo was genuinally shocked yesterday with myhair loss, I hate the thought of wig wearing but as needs must- so today my parcel arrive s with 3 wigs in, not only do ihave a problem of having a small face and stupid bloody small head but it is a crap shape as well, my mum smoked and babies are born with small heads, ihav e no shape with mine and all the wigs ride up and slip off so now, moaning about wearing them and I can t even keep one on my head. gratefull for winter but even my wooly hats slide of now, my thin covering of hair is slidy and about 3 strands. I wa going to shave it but I read tha ti sthe quickest way to to stopping it growing, I feel so upset basically I do not want to be here anymore, it is bad enough having all thses health problems but having no hair and not even being able to keep a wig on is really talking the Michael. the universe is havinga real laugh but I am not.

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  • Bluepettals,

    Try wig tape to keep it in place.

  • hi clutter I hav e tried that put it gets stuck to my very fine hair and boy does it hurt, It just rides up, iam so fed up. I have found mandevilles inlondon but heck itis expensive but I have to do something credit card or loan. I have spent so many years indoors being dead I mightas well be dead! thanks clutter.

  • Hi Bluepettals did you buy wigs online? I used to work in hairdresser's that did wigs as well and you can get wigs in different sizes such as small for petite heads, to get best results it needs to be fitted on at shop, or could even try child's wig if you have very small head thou were I worked prices started at about £180 and this was a few years ago.

  • lace - fronted wigs are what you need.

    My friend wears them for fashion reasons and they look fab. I will find out where she buys them from online. She too has a small head and I know that the ones she buys are not pricey.

    my friend takes her's to the hairdresser's to be styled so they look even better.

  • Ok my friend buys them off eBay from U.K. sellers only and always heat resistant and lace fronted.

    According to her "Webster's" sell the best Ines for her requirements.

  • thanks helena

  • Pettals if you have a small head a Petite or small Petite should fit better. If you've bought a medium you can return it.

  • shaws I had 3 deleivered today from continental wigs they are brilliant company,but the small rides up ihave no rounded head at the back so they is no shape hence they rid e up and slide off.. I am so bloody fed up, it sbad enough beingill but having l hairloss andthen notevengetting a damn wig to fit is a joke an dthen we have to fork outmoney we don't have just to be half way is a wicked world for some shaws.

  • Even if you are aware that it isn't fitting properly at the back, it may not be noticeable to others. Have you a friend who could give true statement about the 'look'. As long as it feels secure to you.

  • shaws thati sthe whole problem it isnt secure it rides up and slides off my head. if I went out and put my head up it slides off. it gradually slides off because it is not secure because itdoesnt mould or fit my shapeless head, imagine a side view head but the back I sflat and face is small there is nowhere for it to grip. its too shallow andmost heads are rounded out at theback. this makes a goo dshape for a wig to fit.

  • I am sorry that you have such a problem. To have one made to measure might far too expensive and you'd probably have to buy another a year.

  • yes all expennsive I have spent thousands over the years for answer it is so unfair

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling down bp. Ex-hairdresser here. If it helps I have never heard that shaving stops hair from growing and can think of no reason that should be. Shaving is after all just another way of cutting the hair beyond the skin and should have no effect on growth, except that your hair has a bit further to grow if it has been cut very short. May I ask what is the proposed relationship between shaving and lack of growth (why is it said to impede growth?) and/or where did you read it?

    It's not just you, it can be difficult to get a wig to stay on. Have you tried a wig cap? It's a tight, sheer, stretchy head cover (like a pair of tights, but shaped to fit your head) that you can pin to your hair that helps keep a wig in place. Ideally, even if you want to buy online, you'd be fitted properly first so you get an idea of what fits well.

    As others have mentioned, a wig can be shaped by a hairdresser so it suits you. If you get a bargain that has that wiggy shine, you can use various products (hair powder, dry shampoo) to take the sheen off and make it look more natural.

    This blogger wears a lot of wigs, mostly not natural-looking like what I assume you're going for, but she nonetheless has a lot of good advice and seems to be able to make the cheapies work for her: Don't be distracted by her appearance (the main difference in her wigs is that she wears a lot of colour, but the main issues of fit and cut are the same as yours), she wears wigs regularly and you'll pick up good tips.

    Do you know if your t3 is good? That is what helped me get my hair back.

  • punctured bike, thanks, it is my head shape most heads are rounded so there Is depth my daft head is smallandflat so there is no shape to moul d it too a wig cap slides up too, its no problem getting it cut it is the wig cap and adhereing to my flat head the problem, I cant remember where I saw the shaving lark now, I am takingarmour- just switched to it but may getthe iodine out as well to upit. I hav elyme too so I reckon its lyme affecting follicles. I am really totally pissed off.

  • I promise you everyone has a hard time keeping a wig on, that's why they sell all the gubbins for it. If you have a small occipital bone which doesn't project much you'll have trouble w the back sliding up, but my head shape is fine (I have a huge head actually and often wigs are too large even for me) and I still have trouble keeping a wig from sliding up.

    Ideally you need to try a variety of wigs (w lace front, combs, drawstring etc) to see which you can best work with.

    Hair can also be plaited (you don't need much to plait) and wig can be pinned to the plaits. That is almost foolproof. Most hairdressers should be able to do that. If you don't fancy that level of maintenance you can put your hair in pincurls (w kirby grips) and then pin the wig to the pincurls. This shows you how (and there are a lot of other great tips here):

    Make sure you keep an eye on your t3 levels. Even when my levels are good and I have a lot of growth I still get a fair bit of hairfall. When I last raised my levo I found a lot less hair in my brush so even now it seems there is room for improvement. Your hair can be very sensitive to all kinds of stuff.

    Good luck!

  • If you shaved so that things wouldn't stick to your fine hair, could you use the adhesive for stopping bikinis slipping to stick wig cap to your head?

  • it is athoughtbut whatputme off shavingwas the professor of Hair today hair tomorrow in his book, website cool herbals, he wrote shavinghair will further cause hair loss, why I don't know but I might have too. all so depressing and stressful.

  • I think the idea that shaving affects hair growth/thickness is an urban myth. See - it's talking about men, of course.

    Also, pulling it out by the roots (as with things sticking to it) can damage the follicle and therefore make hairloss worse.

  • Shaving does not slow growth of hair - if it did, no man would be able to grow a beard! Plucking slows regrowth, but shaving can actually help. Good luck with your search for the perfect hair day!

  • Hey Bluepettals,

    Sorry to hear about your problems. I have a flat head too, and it's more common than you think! Seems to me that you have 2 problems. I have solutions that work for you.

    1. Your head is small

    This is the easiest to solve. You can find wigs that are small quite easily. You can also ask for the average-sized wig to be taken is, to make it smaller.

    Here's one company that delivers to the the UK.

    There are also wigs with silicone at the temple. And I believe there are wig tapes as well.

    2. Your head is flat, so the wig rides up.

    So, this may not work if you are completely bald. However, if you do have some hair, especially the perimeter of your scalp, you're in luck! What you should do is go to a hairdresser who can do cornrows. For those with hair loss, the technique they'll use is 'bridging'. What this does, is put less stress/pull on the hair, so more won't fall out. As for the cornrows, they will braid your hair around the circumference of your head.

    Then, you sew comb hairclips into the wig. These clips snap shut, so they secure wigs in place.

    Finally, wear the wig, and fasten the clips to the cornrow. So the clips on your left and right (near the ear) will hold the wig in place and in the centre. The clip on the back, near the neck) will hold the wig in place, so it won't ride up. It's very, very secure. You can even go swimming in it.

    The weave/braid will last about 6 weeks, then it'll get looser because your hair would have grown. So you just need to have your hairdresser tighten it up again. It only take 45 minutes to do this. If your hair is short or if you don't have enough, they will add hair extensions to make cornrows. In fact, I reckon, if you are able to braid your hair around your head, you can even do this yourself. All this does is, give something you can attach the clips to.

    There are hairdressers in the UK that have private rooms for people with hair loss. Ask them if you could come earlier or later after their last customer.

    Good luck! Lots of hugs!

  • scarlet thankyou so much fo rthat reply, i shall pm you now

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