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Hi everyone just a query re withdrawal from Omeprazole 40mg. After 20 years on these ppis I have very slowly reduced my medication and have managed without too many bad side effects. I only have a couple of tablets left to take. Have reduced over past 9 weeks, in order to help myself absorb Levo and other vitamins. Have noticed chest ache and feeling of "acid " coming up to throat?!? and now vomiting today with same burning feeling. I have used apple cider vinegar and now hcl with pepsin before meals and hope I don't need to return to Omeprazole. Could anyone tell me of their experiences withdrawing from ppis. Thank you in advance xx

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  • You are brave to slowly come off Omeprazole 40mg and hope you have success in switching over. I assume you are taking Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water or juice. I'd take either one or the other when you have meals.

    These are a couple of links which I hope are helpful in your journey:-



  • Thank you very much for these links Shaws... I do not take diluted apple cider vinegar now that I am take HCL with pepsin. Will continue to avoid ppis .. it was 10 years on cimetidine/Tagamet and 20 years on Omeprazole. Thanks again xx

  • I hope your stomach recovers in a short while. It must have been most unpleasant for you today, vomiting when you're not sure why. They prescribe PPIs according to clinical symptoms which are practically identical for high or low acid and they plump for high acid as they are unaware that hypo causes low acid.

  • Yes Shaws unaware about most things thyroid !! Thanks hope you are well xxx

  • Hi Dreamer12 - I was on the similar PPI, Lanzoprazole. I tried HCL with pepsin in order to get myself off them but I found that this made my acid worse. I didn't fancy trying apple cider vinegar as I thought I might have the same (if not worse) problem with that.

    In the end the way I did it was to ask my GP to change me to Ranitidine. I found that those didn't work as well in supressing the acid reflux so, in a way, I kind of "got used to" having a little reflux again. After a few weeks I was able to stop those completely and the acid reflux has gradually almost stopped. I just have to take an occasional Rennie tablet now if it gets a bit bad, but otherwise I'm completely off any medication for this.

    Oh, I also helped myself come off them by stopping eating red meat as I found that this was when I got most reflux. As it's improved now, I've actually reintroduced a little red meat (though, to be honest, I don't miss it much) and I'm fine with it now.

    I think really it's a case of sticking with it until it gradually subsides. Though I know it's very, very unpleasant while it lasts. I actually thought at one point that I wouldn't be able to do it - but I did! Good luck to you! :-)

  • Hi CarolineC57

    Hope you are well.. thanks for your post.. that's brilliant you weaned yourself off PPIS!! Yes it is uncomfortable at times . I could maybe try something less potent than Omeprazole, but will try to stick it with hcl with pepsin for while longer. Did you ever get chest pain when weaning from ppis? I've had cardiac tests and clear. Not a big meat eater in general. As far as I can see by some of the newer research, it is LOW acid that is causing my issues coming off ppis and the symptoms are the SAME as high acid when I had 2 ulcers in 1982 (which dissolved with cimitidine apparently, according to an Endoscopy at that time). it's all so complicated!!! I'm pleased that I have at least made a good attempt to stop ppis. Thanks again Jane xx

  • Hi dreamer12 I too have weaned myself off omeprazole,I had been on it for a good 10years but not such a high dose as you 20mg a day . I halved the dose then left it there for a long time. Then I found this site and realised I was doing myself harm so decided to use cider vinegar,gradually reduced took 10 mg every other day for couple of weeks then just took a couple of days a week then once off it take a tsp of apple cider vinegar with mother and tsp lemon juice in half a glass warm water about 10 mins before meal and it really seems to be working for me, still have to be careful about what I eat as chocolate which I love will set off the reflux big time.I hope you manage to stay off the ppis

  • Hi Raventhorpe thank you that's helpful. I have been doing a similar thing it's just this last bit is causing issues... xx

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