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Complementary therapies

I have been newly diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and am taking Propranolol and carbimazole, and still in shock. I am trying to find a complementary therapy that would also help with this condition. I have been researching Kinesiology, and so was just wondering if anyone else has found any other therapies useful. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.


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As soon as our overactive members see your post they will respond.

It's all a very new world when we're first diagnosed either as hypo or hyper thyroid. :)

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It might be wise to find out why this might've happened.

Is it genetic? Is there a nutrient deficiency impacting it,? Is there anything else going on with your health?

Always a good idea to sleeo well, get adequate exercise, and eat a nutrient dense diet.

If it's the exercise kinesiology, that's fine, but if it'ss "muscle testing" ots not very credible from my experience with it


I found Healing very helpful. It helped lift me and feel supported. Either Spiritual HeLing or Reiki are very good.


SHould say Healing


HI Vera. I am hypo and cannot take levothyroxine and basically Kinesiology is what keeps me going but you do need to find a really good kinesiologist who has experience, a wide range of samples/supplements to test against and knows a lot about nutrition. I was lucky to find such a lady and would recommend her to anyone but like with anything else it is a very personal thing what works for you in general and you do need to do your own homework on the root causes and listen to your own intuition about what you feel is good for you.

Acupuncture and chiropractic treatments can help and EFL/tapping works for me too but there are a lot of therapies out there and the only way of finding what works for somebody is to think if they appeal to you and try them out.

Best of luck!


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