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Import duty/customs charge on importing NDT from America

I have recently imported my first batch of Nature thyroid from America- the price was reasonable but I then had to pay a further £12 for the Uk post office to release it. Does this happen every time you import from abroad or was it a one off? Are there some countries that you can import from which don't have this levy? Many thanks in advance

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VAT 20% is levied on goods costing £15+ and the p&p imported from countries outside of the EU. Royal Mail pays the VAT to HMRC on the importer's behalf and then charges a handling fee of £8 (other carriers may charge more).

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Hi, I've recently switched from Levo to NDT (Erfa) and my initial batch I purchased from the pharmacy at the clinic where I saw the Endocrinologist in London. But it was very expensive. So I looked around and found this information on how to get NDT in the UK.

Found a company which is mentioned on a popular UK website, not sure if I can mention it here, but you're welcome to private message for details.

I contacted one company and they said they do need a private prescription, so went back to the Endo and asked if he would supply one. He supplied for a moderate fee. Sent it to the company in the post and the NDT was supplied by signed for post next day. Much cheaper (even with the prescription cost) and no worries about customs. No minimum quantity.

I believe they stock Nature Throid if thats the one you mean.



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