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10 yr old with Hashimoto's and high heart rate

Hi again sorry for posting again but one more issue came up this time with my 10 year old son who,according to the endo,is genetically predisposed for hashimoto's. It;s been a couple of months he has been complaining for headaches and dizziness ,at first I thought it was a virus then that he was trying to skip school because the pattern of his headaches was quite strange,last week he was practically bedridden with headaches and that's when I noticed he has an elevated heart rate. He doesn't seem to even feel it of feel bothered by his fast heart beat (105-115) His heart rate doesn't fall back to normal not even when he's asleep.I called the cardiologist last night and we are meeting him privately today but I was wondering if there's something that I should say to him or to the endo who is still on her Christmas holiday.From the few I know seems that Hashimoto's causes bradycardia and not the other way round

Last bloods my son had showed (June2016) that his TSH is 4.04μIU/ml (0.60-4.84) and FT4 0.94ng/dl (0.97-1.67) antiTPO 18.5IU/ml (<34) antiTG 15.8IU/ml (<115)

I'd appreciate any advice and/or suggestions as to what might be going on with my son

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Has he been given any meds at all because his TSH is quite high?. Also his ft4 is below range and looks like his antibodies are beginning to climb. It may well be that since this last bloods things have become worse because that's the direction his readings are going. Do you have any ft3 results?


Thank you so much for replying. No,no T3 tests have been ordered.Those are the only bloods we have in our hands since last June. We have an appointment for an ultrasound in February but with such a heart rate I don't know if it's wise for us to wait. Also the endo decided not to put him on any medication as she said that we should wait till February and see.

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No problem I would def request another thyroid function test again just to see what's happening. They don't seem to do t3 testing as standard now which is pretty stupid as that could explain his heart rate. It could have gone below or above range who knows. You may be able to get his t3 levels tested privately. If you are in the UK I think blue horizon sometimes test children but depends on area and you have to ring them to discuss it because as standard they seem to just do adult testing. I am actually thinking of taking my daughter because she has excessive sweating hypermobility, headaches also is very hyper behaviour wise and they just didn't check her t3 or antibodies on the nhs test. Hypothyroidism is also pretty much genetic down the female line in our family also.

Hope you get it sorted quickly for him and he feels better and keep posting his results up if you need to x


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