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TSH undetectable

Hello .. my first post here.

I had my entire thyroid out 20 years ago ...-a rare form of Hashimoto's Thyrotoxicosis.

Started on 200mg Levothyroxine and stayed. That for years. Reduced by endocrinologist to 175 and then 150 5 days and 125 the other two days. I am now 60 and he wants me to get along on less.

Thyroid function a few weeks ago showed my TSH as undetectable so the GP is looking to reduce me now to 125 daily.

I have had a great deal of stress lately and my blood pressure is very high. I think it is quite likely the 'over medication of the thyroxine' may well be pushing the BP up??

I have a bit of the sweats and palpitations but no tremor. I think I am getting forgetful and a bit muddled.

I am not comfortsith my GP prescribing as he has I. The past and the endocrinologist said he reduced it too much ... he prefers to make very small adjustments. I am going to see the endocrinologist in the next few weeks.

Anybody else had similar experiences of the TSH being undetectable even though the T4 was within the norm? Thanks and happy new year ... Amanda

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Have you any bloods and ranges you can share with us? More info could help us comment.


TSH can become suppressed no matter what thyroxine you are on. It is irrelevant at this stage all I can say is how do you feel? If you are fine then don't reduce your meds especially based on blood tests alone demand a full physical examination as well as blood tests the NHS states that you should NOT be judged on blood tests alone!


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