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Being monitored for lupus

I am 55 and have been hypothyroid since I was 29. I'm on 200mg of thyroxine at the moment. I have just had another bad water infection, second in four weeks. I do suffer from back pain and cramps a lot, among a host of other things, but I'm just getting over the most excruciating back pain I've ever had at the bottom of my back. It started all across my back then seemed to centre itself on the left hand side and I've been in so much pain I've even had to have help to go to the toilet and feeling so sick with it. I've never had it this painfull before and it's lasted over a week. The doctor gave me trimethoprim for the water infection and tramadol for the pain. He said its my immune system which is attacking my tissues but that it would eventually calm down. He also said that they are monitoring me for lupus ( which my daughter was diagnosed with about a year ago) my question is what will they be monitoring and how long does it take. Thankyou for taking the time to read this, I'm at my wits end with all this for years, I would just like answers from my doctor which at the moment he doesn't seem to be able to give me

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hiya, Is it definately a water infection that is the cause atthe mo? Assuming they've had positive test but just checking they're not just assuming based on you having had them before? I can't reallly help with that as don't often get and never that majorly but drinking lots of water seems to help but I'm assuming you know the basics already. I've had kidney infections in the past (and have genetic autoimmune kidney issues in my family) that caused pain exactly like that, back and pain in sides - one of the biggest things that kicked it off was when I tried herbal life to attempt to control sugar levels when I was going diabetic funnily enough - the pain in my back was horrific so never again lol. Topical antibiotics have also set this off. Have you made any changes to things like this?

In regards to ongoing back pain and cramps do you mean you get these often even without water infections? do you know a good chiropractor you could see, if they are good they are generally good at working out the cause - whether actually your bones, or referred pain from something else or vit D deficiency etc. They have been proved right with blood tests after when I've seen them but mine are very good and are even allowed nhs referrals. They are hugely better than the majority of physios I've seen in the past who did not help at all.

If you have back pain and cramps often without the water issues etc, I used to have this regularly until I gave up gluten. With your autoimmune issues, it might be worth trying a gluten free diet anyway as this helped many of my issues clear up and removed most inflammation from my system and reduced my antibodies for numerous autoimmune diseases and my kidneys no longer flare up.


Thankyou for your reply. Yes they sent a water sample off and next day called me in for medication. I've also had a kidney scan (which came back fine) as every time I have a urine test blood shows in it. I must mention I had a total hysterectomy at 29 because I had massive infection after my youngest son was born so don't have periods. I'm also at the moment on vitamin D vials besides medication for high blood pressure. It's funny you mention a gluten free diet as I've been looking into gluten free and dairy free diet ( my grandaughter is dairy intolerant) so I will get on with that and see if it makes a difference. Thanks so much for your reply


I was on 200 mg levothyroxine, Then I went on gluten and dairy free diet, my absorption rate must have increased as I had quite severe hyperthyroid symptoms and I had to reduce to settling at 100 mg of levothyroxine, This is good but watch yourself for symptoms of going hyper and reduce levothyroxine accordingly, maybe let someone help you monitor your symptoms. Good luck,, I am very glad I changed my diet, it is also an ongoing learning process.


Thankyou so much for bringing this to my attention


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