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Increase in Levo?

Hi, I started taking Levothyroxine at the start of Oct after a TSH reading of 7.6 (0.3-4.2).

On my GP's advice I took 25mcg for the first couple of weeks & then increased to 50mcg. After 6 weeks on the higher dose I had a further blood test & my TSH went down to 2.8 (0.3-4.2). They also tested TPO antibodies which came back less than 5 (0-34). The lab did not test my FT4 this time as the TSH is in range!!!

I was hoping my GP would increase Levo to 75mcg to bring down the TSH further but she wants me to continue on 50mcg until end of Jan & retest. Is it possible that there could be any further improvement on the same dose? Would I have had already had the full benefit of 50mcg by the time I tested? Is she being too cautious or am I being impatient 😊

I have felt a little better (less tired really), over the last month or so but I have also been addressing my low b12, folate & ferritin so it could be that.

My GP has requested that my FT4 be tested with the next TSH so I may have a clearer picture by then.

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I doubt she knows how best to treat someone who is hypothyroid. The aim of levothyroxine is to bring the TSH down to 1 or lower. Some think that anywhere in the range is fine. No it isn't. They are badly trained in the treatment of hypothyroidism, and it would appear that the emphasis is upon the TSH only and not the patients' clinical symptoms which should be a priority.

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You can say to the doctor that you've taken advice from the NHS Choices for information about the Thyroid Gland and the recommendation for hypothyroidism is a TSH of 1 or lower. As far as I'm converned the 'normal' range is for diagnosing in the first place, i.e. over 3 if in the USA over 10 in the UK!!! Once diagnosed and on hormone replacement the aim is 1 or lower. Doctors wrongly believe the aim is to get the TSH somewhere within the range - even the top which is around 5.


It is possible ,not long to wait for tests. But as Shaws writes being below 1 is the target.

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