Need help with my thyroid results

Need help with my thyroid results

Hi, can anybody tell me by my results , is my thyroid bad ? Do I have a bugger chances of getting a thyroid storm.

I've been a few endocrines and they don't really explain my results to me. All they said was I need to eat med to control them and they do not want to operate to remove it or give me radioactive iodine to destroy it .

I'm getting quite hopeless about this.

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  • Wish I new the answer every night I'm awake too hot lay on top of bed can't even wear a jumper as I over heat think I migh get a gel pad for my pillow

  • ffyn Overactive thyroid is not something that I know very much about (I am hypOthyroid), but with a suppressed TSH and a massively over range FT4 there is no doubt that you are hypERthyroid.

    What do you mean by "I need to eat med to control them"?

    I'm sure someone who is hypERthyroid will come along with some advice but in the meantime here is an article on ThyroidUK's main website about hypERthyroidism

  • the last endocrine I went to ask me to take 80mg of carbimazol together with propanolol. Then she changed to ptu because carbimazol is not working.

    I've stopped my medication all together because I wasn't feeling well when I took them. I snapped at everybody, I'm feeling tired all the time, I can't carry my 3 years old Son for 5mins without having sore arms .It's almost a month now. I felt that I feel much more better without the meds. But of course , I'm having all the typical graves diesease symptoms .

    Then I'm diagnose with servere depression, my psychiatric suspect it's my uncontrolled thyroid is the cause and he order a thyroid blood test. That's the result I got last week.

    So now I'm not sure if I should start back on my medication or I can suck it up and live with my thyroid .

    Sorry for my long post. Sigh.

  • Ffyn,

    You need the Carbimazole or PTU. Being overactive will put enormous strain on your heart so you should also take the Propranolol until your thyroid levels are within range and your heart calms down. Many people will achieve remission 12-18 months after taking anti-thyroid drugs like Carbimazole or PTU. If you have Graves antibodies remission is permanent in less than 50% of patients and they may have to consider resuming antithyroid drugs, thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine ablatement (RAI).

  • wow,I'm amazed that someone else actually heard of a thyroid storm!!! I had mine years ago before my cauda equina syndrome struck!!! It was a nightmare,my body was in tremors doctor got ambulance 🚑 there and then!!! U must go back and get it seen to x

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