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Thought I had to repeat Lorraine's Facebook post in full


This touched me so much. Lorraine has worked tirelessly to get the Scottish Parliament to do something about the plight of people with thyroid disease where very few health professionals have any understanding and just allow people to go on suffering. This is what she has posted this Christmas:

'So it's over four years since the Thyroid Petition was lodged in the Scottish Parliament. Nowt has changed. Nothing will change. Fact is, it takes decades for old, ingrained mores to be shelved. But we still must agitate. In the years since I knew nothing and then learned enough to live again, I've grasped that we must save our own lives and worry about educating the thickos later.Spend thousands if you will enriching shit Endocrinologists but don't please, for the love of god, expect them to make you well. Take the NHS out of the equation. That is for car crashes, heart attacks and chaos, not chronic disease. When you are told you have hypothyroidism, do yourself the biggest kindness you can and start to care for yourself without the health service. I speak to people day in, day out. It's always a pleasure to help folk as others helped me but there comes a point in every conversation when I have to tell them that no doctor will make them well. And it's true. No single doctor exists to care for us (apart from the fabulous few in the USA). Get some blood tests, take the supplements and be brave. It's either stay ill and compliant or rebel and get well. But Endocrinology is not our friend. As to why this so called speciality is such a gate keeper of health, more later....

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and peace on earth to all.'

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Lorraine knows exactly what it is to be on the edge of life and it was so disappointing that the Petition to the Scottish Parliament wasn't passed.

People without a hypothyroid condtion, or with no thyroid gland at all, cannot possibly know how very unwell a patient can be - that once the treatment is started and the person remains so very unwell the doctors will still only prescribe levothyroxine and not permit an alternatives to be trialled - they are afraid of being reprimanded but whose patient desperately needs their expertise is left high-and-dry.

Lorraine thankfully is now fit and well and on the warpath and no-one is surprised. When one gets well it is anger that rises in that you have been made so unwell on a particular thyroid hormone when alternatives can and should be prescribed.

It is a great pity that Dr Skinner wasn't listened too by the Authorities who refused his invitation to discuss the dire situation of patients not responding to levothyroxine or despite clear clinical symptoms undiagnosed. Each Specialist turned their backs on Dr Skiinner and the last one withdrew the previous day. Dr Skinner, like Dr Peatfield, treated patients as they were taught as students and not the blood tests. Both suffered the ignomny of appearing before the GMC a few times and the strain must have been horrendous with the result that Dr S died of a stroke and Dr P resigned his licence.

Good and caring doctors!!!


Sad, but true :(

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