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Latest bloods for advice


Hi. I've just had my latest bloods back, which are as follows:

Plasma TSH level0.01 mU/L < Abnormal result0.3 - 4.2mU/L

Plasma free T4 level8.3 pmol/L Abnormal result9 - 19pmol/L

Plasma free T3 level3.2 pmol/L

The test was done first thing and I missed my dose the night before.

I am self medicating and currently on 37.5 T3 and 75mcg levothyroxine.

My last blood results in September were:

Plasma TSH level0.01 mU/L < Abnormal result0.3 - 4.2mU/L

Plasma free T4 level10.6 pmol/L9 - 19pmol/L

Plasma free T3 level3.5 pmol/L

I've been feeling a lot better in myself since my last dose change but my bloods seem to have got worse. Any advice on what dose change to make next would be much appreciated.

Thanks as always and happy Christmas x

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In what way worse? The FT3 is the most important result, and that has just gone down by 0.2. You need an increase in T3, that's all. :)

in reply to greygoose

Thanks. I was just surprised as my previous dose was 100 Levo and 25 Tyromel, so I thought increasing my Tyromel to 37.5 would result in a higher free t3 and t4. What dose would you suggest increasing to? Thank you 😀

in reply to Vic198

Well, admittedly, your FT4 should have gone up, not down. But a slight decrease like that doesn't matter because the results do vary according to your activities. But your FT4 wouldn't go up because you increased yout T3. And it's not surprising if it goes diwn, because the body needs less, and therefore hangs on to less. If I were you, I'd increase by half a tablet.

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