Hi My teenage daughter had 'sub-clinical' hypothyroidism earlier this year but was very symptomatic- headaches, poor concentration, freezing, weight gain - high TSH (5) but normal T4. Now my teenage son is the same. Daughter had to wait to see endo so it took 6 months to get treated. GP agreed to treat son after 3 tests came back the same- high TSH, normal T4. His symptoms were foggy head and tiredness, nil else. Both are now on 25micrograms levothyroxine.

Anyway, I was wondering is there anything that would cause this for both of them so young at the same time? e.g. environmental things? Or is this just a coincidence?

Two great-grandmothers had hypothyroidism but no closer family history.

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  • I'm sorry both children have a thyroid disease. I think 25mcg is such a small dose and wonder if GP has checked their FT3 levels. Levothyroxine has to convert to T3 but dose may be too low to provide sufficient T3. Levothyroxine is inactive and converts to T3, the Active Hormone.

    Autoimmune conditions can run in famillies unfortunately.

  • Thanks no just TSH and T4 checked

  • I should imagine they have a blood test every six weeks till they are on an optimum dose.

    I'd ask the doctor to have their cholesterol levels checked as we can get higher cholesterol levels if hypothyroid. Raised levels can suggest, eventually, a heart problem developing.

  • The high cholesterol levels should improve once your children are properly medicated. 25mcg is a very low dose. They will probably end up on at least 75mcg, possibly more. You don't say whether they have antibodies. If they have, then it might help them to go gluten free. You could do it as a family. If they do have antibodies then you can expect them to need a progressively higher dose as their antibodies destroy their thyroids. Once the thyroid stops working they will end up on a steady dose (a full replacement dose) for the rest of their lives. If they don't have antibodies this doesn't apply.

  • Daughter's antibodies were negative, no result back for son. She has remained on 25mcg levothyroxine and is 6 months overdue endo review and GP does not want to do anything to dose themselves. She is feeling much better so I didn't push it but I did wonder if she would need a higher dose. Son has to get bloods repeated in 4-6 weeks and see GP to see if feeling better. Thanks for replies. We have tried gluten free, daughter variable in sticking to it, son refuses to consider so far, but if antibodies come back positive, will try to persuade him again. Not sure if cholesterol checked.

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