Thyroid tests but they forgot to do TSH!!!

Hi all

I had bloods done last week at nurse.. it was a repeat of tests to see how I am on 50 mcg Levo!! When I phoned today for the result.. they had urate high at 384 (140-330) (eek) and others normal (of course) and Ft4 and TSH not done. Receptionist said sorry she must have forgotten to do thyroid tests. Oh dear!! Nothing surprises me anymore. Next appt 6th Jan. Hugs xxxxx

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  • Make sure you get a printout - even if it's only the ones they've done. As I expect you've seen here before - 'normal' and 'optimal' are not the same.

    Make sure you get the test done early.

    Might be an idea to ask the nurse which tests have been ordered.

  • Thanks Anthea55 ...well all she was doing was repeating the same thyroid tests from the computer! That a consultant had done ..,From the previous 4 weeks. yes .. I know to get printouts thanks ...don't believe anything now lol!! I got a year's printouts recently and no charge. After being left on ppis for 20 years !! I question everything!! Nite tcare xxx

  • Has it been more than a week? Worth asking the surgery to ring the lab and see if the blood has been discarded. They can sometimes do extra tests as they keep the sample for - I believe - a week.

  • Hi puncturebicycle

    It was one week ago exactly but I don't think the surgery wd be soo obliging to arrange testing without seeing me again. Good idea though thanks. I know the TSH should be fine as it 0.8 (0.3-6) 4 weeks ago. but it's the principle going for thyroid tests and they forget to do them. I've been on Levo 8 weeks xx

  • TSH can become irrelevant when on any form of thyroxine.

  • Glynisrose,

    It's not irrelevant when it shows high TSH indicating the patient is not adequately dosed.

  • Yes I am trying to prove TSH is better so that I can be considered hypothyroid by Endo /gp. Thank you xx

  • Hi Glynisrose

    Thanks for your reply.. I'm new to this forum and being tested to see if I need Levo so I need to show an improvement in Levo which I started 8 weeks ago. TSH has gone from 4.24-0.8 (0.3-6) in that time 😀😀😀xx

  • When your TSH drops so low as to be neglible do not worry about it.

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