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Hi everyone .. I have been supplementing my low ferritin if 10.1 (12-300) with Ferrous Fumarate 210 x 2 times daily for 7 weeks. My Latest results show ferritin is now 36. Is this very slow or about usual time would anyone know please? Been quite nauseous with iron but think tolerating ferrous fumarate bit better now with 1000mg vitamin C, so I will try to increase to 3 x daily.

Thanks Jane xx


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  • Normal Dreamer12, it takes quite a long time to raise ferritin level, and you've done very well for only 7 weeks. You can boost it by adding liver to your diet, once a week, as well as your supplements. If you don't want to eat liver as a meal then you can mince it and add to cottage pie, curry, casseroles, bolognese sauce etc, also chicken liver pate if you like that sort of thing.

  • Thanks SeasideSusie

    that's a good idea I will try liver mixed in with mince and see if I can eat it. I'm feeling so much better with my breathing and dizziness it's such a relief. Still a long way to go with other symptoms but it's a start!! Hope you have a great Christmas.

    Jane xx 😀

  • You can combine ferrous fumarate supplementation with other forms of iron to speed things up if you want, as Helvella (one of the admins) makes clear in his iron document :


    So you could continue the iron salts you are currently taking and also take ferritin supplements and heme (or haem) supplements.

    Eating liver will be supplying the haem type of iron (I think).

    You could also take direct ferritin supplements, but they are hard to find for sale in the UK.

    If taken as supplements, ferritin and haem (heme) are much more expensive than supplements of iron salts like ferrous fumarate or ferrous bisglycinate.

    Raising iron and ferritin levels by supplementing with iron salts can be extremely slow. This is what I did, and it took me nearly 2 years to get my levels up to optimal. I also struggle to keep my levels optimal too. On the other hand some people can fix their levels in less than 6 months. So testing regularly is essential.

  • I take iron Sulphate, which is more gentle for me, & have recently added a half dose of iron bisglinate. I always take both with fruit, & make sure I don't have anything that might reduce absorption for over an hourgh the latter contains vitamin C as well. I also have dark leafy greens every day, as I don't eat meat. Cavolo nero (black kale) is my favourite, which is good for folate, too.

  • Hi Leverette

    Thanks for your post... I will try some of your suggestions. I seem to be tolerating iron much better than the first 6/7 weeks which is great. I'm going to add some mince liver to my homemade mince soon (eek).. never liked liver but believe from an excellent form of iron. I'm going to have black pudding later (eek) with OH who loves it!! SION BE UP TO 300 with the ferritin haha!!!! Happy Xmas xx

  • another member even x

  • Yeucky!!! ;)

    I was forced to eat liver at school, & the only horrid thing I wasn't made to eat at home. Just seeing the word makes my stomach & throat contract, but I do hope it works for you!

    Seasons greetings, & a healthy & happy new Year!


  • Hi Jane, it took me about 3 months to raise my levels from around 10 to coincidentally 36 too if I recall correctly, on FF prescribed by GP. Keep watch though because within a few weeks of stopping the FF I was back down around 10 - still taking it and feeling much, much better after about 9 months.

    Hope that's of some help

  • Hi thyr0id

    Thanks for your reply so we are in the same boat!! 10 and 36.. for Ferritin that is a coincidence. Just shows you how easily it can dip back without supplementing. Yes like you getting the ferritin up has been great and made such a difference. Not sure if my chronic breathlessness was iron or hypothyroidism or b12 or a combo of all but now after almost 2 years I can BREATHE again... what a feeling!!!!! Tcare Jane xx

  • I am reading you guys are supplementing with bigger doses than I have: my ferritin level was 20 (13-150) in Sept and I have been taking iron bisglysinate 100mg a day, sometimes 200mg. Not sufficient..? - Jane Dreamer12 - happy to read taking iron has helped you!

  • Hi Hachiko

    Have you seen Hevella's iron advice sheet it's very comprehensive. Yes Uve been on ferrous fumarate 210 for 8 weeks twice a day and going to increase from today, which is allowed as I've gone from 10 - 36 in 8 weeks. Thank you feeling more "alive" and breathing better. Gp that prescribed ferrous said ... 10 is good for ferritin as your Haemoglobin is normal. What are we up against!! When I said Thyroid UK are guiding me, she was more forthcoming!! It seems like it's the patient who has to do the research and diagnosing for thyroid and related symptoms. It's really a bad situation. Even when I meet some people who were diagnosed many years ago..... they just accept all results as normal and have no idea what their levels are or what they were in initial diagnosis. The medics have been doing this for a longtime and hate it when questioned. Too bad we need to look after our health . Hugs to all. Xx 😀😀🌲🌲

  • FFS If the lab measures haemoglobin for the NHS like mine does then according to the WHO "normal" means you may have mild iron deficiency anaemia!

  • Hi Bluebug

    Well said!! Exactly!!! The same day I reported pink sputum and it was not even recorded in my notes when I was hospitalised with bright red sputum the following day. That GP even said .. why did the gp not put it in my notes!! It's as if hypo patients symptoms are minimised as if they don't exist because there are so many!! The day if the ferritin of 10 (12-300) is good that GP had even said you need to stop thinking about all these symptoms!!!! Omg it's farcical!!!! No wonder 40 % if general public avoid the gp!! Hugs xx

  • hachiko They're not necessarily taking bigger doses than you. It's the amount of elemental iron that is key. Ferrous Fumarate actually contains 65mg elemental iron in one 210mg tablet, so Dreamer's two FF tablets a day give her 130mg elemental iron, she's not actually taking 420mg elemental iron.

    After contacting them I know that Solgar Gentle Iron actually puts the amount of elemental iron on their bottle, so if it's Gentle Iron 20mg then that is 20mg elemental iron, and Gentle Iron 25mg contains 25mg elemental iron.

    So if your bottle doesn't state that it's elemental iron you can contact the manufacturer and ask them exactly how much elemental iron is in each tablet.

  • SeasideSusie I am going on to 3 x 210 mg ferrous f. today hope it will be fine.


  • Good luck Dreamer. I was totally bunged up on 5mg Ferritin so there's no way I could even contemplate 1 x Ferrous Fumarate tablet let alone three!

  • Thanks Seasidesusie.... it's taken 7 weeks to get over nausea otherwise not bad, but will let you know how 3 tablets go!! If the GP was normal I would be given injections . But that's not going to happen!! Hugs xxx

  • Thank you

  • Hi all late I know but I have been struggling and appears it is my ferritin ! Dizziness, trembling, tired, hair not good, foggy brain, no concentration doctors didn't have a clue and I had some blood tests and it's down at 10 (doc says this is fine) I beg to differ after doing research myself ! Now on ferrous fumerate 322mg twice a day ! Highest my ferritin had ever been over last 3 years is 26 ..... I think it needs to be 70-80 ?

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