Antibody test

Chromatin immunoglobulin G Antibody level 0.2AI ) 0.99

Ribosomal auto antibody level (0.2) (0.99)

Vo-1 antibody level 0.2u/mi (0.99)

Centromere antibody level 0.2u/mi (0.99

Serum SSA 60 (Ro) antibody concentration (0.2AI) (0.99)

Serum SSA 52 Ro antibody concentration (0.2AI) (0.99)

DNA binding auto antibody level (c1Iu/ml (9.99

LA antibody level (0.2u/mI (2.49

RNP antibody level (0.2u/mI


SCI 70 antibody level (0.2u/MI (2.49)

SM antibody (0.2u/mi (0.99)

Smith&Ribonucleoprtein antibody level (0.2AI) (1.0)

My antibody test could look to see if I have Hashimoto please

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  • Gary19610,

    Thyroid peroxidase antibodies and thyroglobulin antibodies are the antibody tests you need to confirm or rule out autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's). They aren't included in the tests above.

  • Ok thank you

  • Could have look at my test results from Blue horizon please just put them on

  • Your tests seem to be for SLE and other autoimmune connective tissue diseases.

    If there is a low or high result normally the lab will flag it up as such.

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