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Antibody test

Chromatin immunoglobulin G Antibody level 0.2AI ) 0.99

Ribosomal auto antibody level (0.2) (0.99)

Vo-1 antibody level 0.2u/mi (0.99)

Centromere antibody level 0.2u/mi (0.99

Serum SSA 60 (Ro) antibody concentration (0.2AI) (0.99)

Serum SSA 52 Ro antibody concentration (0.2AI) (0.99)

DNA binding auto antibody level (c1Iu/ml (9.99

LA antibody level (0.2u/mI (2.49

RNP antibody level (0.2u/mI


SCI 70 antibody level (0.2u/MI (2.49)

SM antibody (0.2u/mi (0.99)

Smith&Ribonucleoprtein antibody level (0.2AI) (1.0)

My antibody test could look to see if I have Hashimoto please

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Thyroid peroxidase antibodies and thyroglobulin antibodies are the antibody tests you need to confirm or rule out autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's). They aren't included in the tests above.


Ok thank you


Could have look at my test results from Blue horizon please just put them on


Your tests seem to be for SLE and other autoimmune connective tissue diseases.

If there is a low or high result normally the lab will flag it up as such.


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