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Thyroiditis, Doc suspects Hashimoto's - what should I expect? Was your thyroid lump painful?

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Hey everyone, I'm pretty new here. I had posted a couple months ago because my hair had been falling out, I suspected a thyroid issue for many reasons but all my lab work came back normal.

Here I am 2 months later and I went to a new primary care practitioner because I had a sore throat with a lump on my neck that I knew wasn't my lymph nodes. Surprise surprise, it's my thyroid! The lump is quite painful to the touch. I am waiting on a call from the hospital to schedule an ultra sound and I had lab work done today, I may not have the ultrasound appointment or the lab results for a few to several days and am wondering if anyone has had a painful lump and how it turned out. My doctor "suspects" Hashimoto's but was wary to commit to a diagnosis before the ultrasound and lab results are in. The ultrasound is to see if there's a nodule as he didn't palpitate much because of the pain.

Thanks for your time!

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Hi I'm new also to this group. But I also have a large thyroid which started of as a little lump. Mine is painful, not unbearable pain, but sometimes causes me a problem. My main concern was hair loss. I'm losing quite a lot, after each wash it looks like I've cleaned my hair brush out after a few months of use. A swell has other symptoms like aches, feeling tired but yet not sleeping, headaches, just feeling like crap really. My doctor also said it may be hashmo but had ultras can done a few weeks ago, which showed a enlarged thyroid but nothing to worry about, was told it is multi nodular grotire. Had blood results today which I was looking forward to as I thought I'd get that magic answer to as why I feel like I do, but was told it was all normal. So I'm back to square 1. Still having same problems. Although I do have B12 def. which I'm being treated for with injections every 3 months and I take B12 supplements daily. Have you had your B12 tested ?. As I said I'm new to this, but have found this group and members so helpful (wish they was my GP) I've just been told to get on with it all. Can have thyroid removed if I wish because the size it has grown.

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Thanks so much for sharing. I was losing a lot of hair just like you for a couple months and then the loss tapered off and hair started growing back, I hope the same happens for you! My last blood tests they didnt do B12 but I'm not sure about today's, I guess I'll find out when I get the results; at least that's another thing I can have them check! I understand how frustrating it can be, they were telling me I was fine while I felt horrible! Now there's physical evidence which is bitter sweet. It's like, "Ha! I knew it!" Then I realize there's this problem I have to deal with now. My lump is painful but not unmanageable by any means. Hurts to swallow though, I just hope it doesn't start hurting worse...wonder how long before it stops hurting...will it stop hurting or is this it now? There's so much not knowing, you know? ...such a loss of control over it all and based on these boards it can be so hard to get competent & quality care. Thank goodness for all these pros on here! Good luck to you!

Hi! I had my thyroid removed 6 weeks ago due to a very painful thyroid. I had multiple nodules and the thyroid was also pushing on my trachea. I suffered from a very painful thyroid for 9 months. I had other symptoms too. After the surgery, it turned out that the nodules were bleeding within my thyroid, causing swelling, hence pushing on my trachea. Luckily, the nodules were benign. My doctor confirmed that I didn't have Hashimoto prior to surgery as my antibodies levels were low. I have written my experience on my profile so I could help others. I hope you can get some answers soon as I can totally sympathise with your pain.


Hi there I have been complaining of a painful thyroid for last couple of months been on Levo for ten years had ultrasound yesterday & told thyroid small & uneven but exactly what u would expect for someone who had had acute thyroiditis for a period of time. Sometimes these things flare up I hope as told at least my mind is at rest now that there is nothing sinister goin on & strangely discomfort has eased since getting results hope it's the same for u :)

An ultra sound is the correct next step, it will give a "map" of the extent and number of the nodules. The next step is a fine needle analysis (FNA) to see if any of the nodules are cancerous and, if so, of which type (Papillary is the "best"). Problem is, even a benign tumor pushing against other organs or restricting the trachea or oesophagus presents a problem which may need surgery. Your pain might be a secondary effect of the nodule pushing against and irritating adjacent tissue. Maybe these days they have other ways of shrinking tumors, medical research sometimes moves quickly.

Post your blood test results (with ranges) when you get them and we can have a general discussion.

Thank you for your responses LAHs very helpful!! I will be sure to post my labs when I get them 😊

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