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Introduction and plea for help

Hi just joined and at the moment I'm getting over a bug of some sort. Now at the coughing stage but my really problem is with pain or discomfort all the time as if I want to urinate. When I do it hurts, also gave pains in my bottom and again at the moment have been going quite a lot. Been seeing the doctor for over six months now had a couple of courses of antibiotics, bladder exam and loads of blood tests. Spend half the night up and down to the loo. When it has a bad turn I feel very cold have pain in my back right side and feel sick. As my temperature never seems to go above 35.4 can't say it's an infection.

Have tried cranberry juice the last few days and wonder if that is making my bowls work harder and burn?

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Welcome to the forum, Sheezym.

I think you will need a different community to help you with urinary and bowel problems. You might try

Thyroid UK is for people with thyroid and adrenal dysfunction.

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I've never heard of cranberry juice having such an effect. You can get cranberry in pill form. Nothing from blood & bladder tests indicating kidney or UT infection? I wonder if you could have kidney or gall stone.......kidney stones are so painful trying to pass!

Before I got married, my roommate had both. It took months for them to find both & she was sick & in pain constantly.

I sure hope your doc gets this resolved quickly for you!


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