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Sick of struggling

Hi. I have Hashimotos and have been on 125 mcg thyroxine (gradually increased from 50 over the year). I was feeling terrible : my t4 was nearly at the top of the range but t3 was under range so I probably have a problem converting. Recently I actually managed to find a consultant who prescribed 10mcg liothyronine a day and reduced thyroxine to 100mcg. I feel I need about another 5 of t3 and would ratherror reduce thyroxine more. Can anyone tell me where to buy t3 please and if it will work in the same way as liothyronine? PM me please with any answers. Many thanks

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Liothyronine is T3. Your endo has already reduced Levothyroxine dose by 25mcg when adding 10mcg T3 so there's no need to reduce Levothyroxine dose further when you increase T3. Greek and Turkish T3 is 25mcg so you will need a pillcutter to quarter the tablets to 6.25mcg.

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