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Restarting NDT after a short break

Hello everybody, I would welcome some advice. I have been taking NDT prescribed by a private doctor for just over a month. I started on 1/2 grain morning and evening, then went to 1 grain morning, 1/2 grain evening. I am now on 1 grain morning and evening, but due to ordering a bit late and the pharmacy not having stock, I ran out of tablets on Sunday. I have had no NDT since then, so four days. Should I restart on 2 grains or do I have to go back to the beginning and start again? I had really started to feel an improvement, with more energy and some weight loss, so I would like to go straight to 2 grains but I don't know if this is wise. Thank you in advance :-)

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I would resume taking 2 grains.


Okay, thank you for that. I hoped that would be the case as it has only been a short break. And thank for providing all this great support and advice via the website and forum, it's invaluable.

Judy :-)


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