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Blue horizon results

Hi, I've had my results from BH today and just after some advice please.

Is there any point going to my gp with these results? I think I've read elsewhere that nhs don't consider it high until it's over 5?

I've had symptoms for a while (I was advised to get it tested 2 yrs ago for fatigue and then the other symptoms have been over the last 12months ish), fatigue, dry skin, weight gain, feeling like there's a lump in my throat, more recently my periods have become irregular and far apart (but since this has happened my fatigue seems to have improved slightly)

I'm not on any medication. What other non-thyroid illnesses could cause it?


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Doctor’s Comments

The Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is elevated. If you are already taking a form of thyroxine, it is possible that that your dose is too low or that you have forgotten to take it on occasion. It may be that an increase in dose is in order - if adjusted it would be sensible to repeat thyroid function (TFT) testing in around 2 months’ time. If you are not taking thyroxine, and this is the first time TSH has been noted to be high, it is possible that 'non-thyroidal illness' or other medication effects are the cause of the elevation. It may be that hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) is about to develop. In these scenarios, it would be advisable to repeat thyroid function tests in 3 months’ time. I would suggest undertaking this repeat test sooner if symptoms develop.



I would show the results to your GP and as you are symptomatic request a repeat test in 2-3 months plus thyroid peroxidase antibody testing. Non-thyroidal illness could be a virus or infection which can raise TSH. Any such non-thyroidal illness would be expected to resolve within 3 months and if TSH is still abnormal hypothyroidism should be diagnosed.

Arrange your next blood test early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) as TSH drops after eating and drinking.


That's great thank you. I'll do a repeat test in March.

I did this test at 1pm but hadn't eaten anything since around 7pm the day before (normal for me I can't eat breakfast) I'd probably woken about 9am. Would it have been higher if I'd done it earlier? Or would it not have changed much considering I hadn't eaten?

Thanks for your reply



TSH would have been higher had you tested early in the morning. See how it fluctuates in the graph in this link healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

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