Wow, that was quick, results are in

Wow, that was quick, results are in

I'm impressed with the service and so pleased I had it done, the results speak out don't they! The Vit. D, I'm obviously over-supplementing so I can reduce that. I curious about the remarks about the T3 because I have taken some recently but it ran out over a week ago or more and I thought that would be long enough to wait before doing the test as I read it doesn't have much of a life? Here's the comments, I have to chuckle about seeing the GP, I suppose they have to say that.

"The free T4 level is low. In the presence of a normal thyroid stimulating hormone level (TSH), and normal free T3 level it would not surprise me to learn you are taking liothyronine (T3) instead of levothyroxine - is this the case? If you are taking a form of thyroxine medication already, you may need to adjust your dose – a discussion with your usual doctor would be sensible. If not, I also suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor – at least surveillance of thyroid function would be wise, as it would seem in this scenario that an underactive thyroid gland might be developing.

The level of Vitamin D is elevated and usually this would be a sign of excess supplementation - if this is the case, dose reduction is advisable. High levels of Vitamin D may also occur when there is excess parathyroid hormone or in certain rare diseases in which this form of vitamin D is manufactured outside the normal site of production (the kidneys). Sarcoidosis and lymphoma can give rise to this situation, albeit rarely. If supplements have not been taken recently, further testing may be indicated, at least of parathyroid and calcium levels. I advise you to make contact with your usual doctor at your earliest convenience if this is the case.

The ferritin level is high. In addition to excess iron supplementation, raised serum ferritin can be a sign of inflammation or infection, though in your case the normal level of CRP would suggest that the latter possibility is unlikely. Less commonly, higher ferritin levels can result from damage to bone marrow or liver, genetic conditions, following blood transfusion, and in chronic anaemias such as thalassaemia. If it is unlikely that iron supplementation is the cause of this elevation then more formal iron studies would be useful. I suggest you discuss this result with your usual doctor who may recommend further tests.

My ferritin is still off the scale and I've made a real effort to avoid sugar and carbs and have lost some weight as a result. Curious.

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  • Espeegee,

    Were you taking any thyroid medication before the blood test?

  • Only 50 mcg of T3 but as I said, I ran out at least a week before I decided to test. Nothing else. I'm curious about the B12, I don't supplement yet are they suggesting that's high too?

  • Espeegee,

    Isn't the point of testing to check you are on the right dose? What's the point in paying for testing when you've been off T3 for a week?

    There's no suggestion B12 431 is high. BH suggest reducing supplement if B12 is >725 but there's really no need to do so. B12 is one of the few vitamins which isn't toxic at high levels. Most people think <500 is sub optimal and supplement to raise it.

  • There's no mention of that in your post, looks like your B12 is mid range.

  • It's been like that for at least 15 months, GP didn't seem that bothered nor the endo I saw. She did say that if the next test she did was still high she would send the GP a request for me to see a gastroenterologist but as they never contacted me I assumed it couldn't have been. I wonder why a gastro, anyone know the relevence to high ferritin in connection with your digestion?

  • I think I was interpreting that wrong for the B12, I can see what it means now. I don't supplement.

  • I had really high ferritin. Doc said they don't worry til it gets to 1000. I got mine back in range by giving blood 3 times last year. No one could tell me why it was high-like you I had low CRP, indicating low inflammation...

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