Waste of time at GP!!

Just back from GP after asking for a referral to a Naturopath or Homeopathic doctor.. but the NHS do not refer to them. Has anyone else ever been referred? she did not want to deal with hypo symptoms just the one thing "which brought you in today". Told her I have been on ppis for 20 years and feel his has affected my absorption hence undetsctive thyroid. Said I have halved the dose slowly and will come off completely which she thought was a "good idea" so why don't doctors suggest it?!? I have no faith in doctors at all now . X

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  • I don't think it is a 'good idea' if you are hypothyroid to come off levothyroxine but I think you mean to come of the PPIs. I think you have to do so very gradually.

    Have you had a full thyroid function test which includes TSH. T4, T3, Free T3 and Free T4 and antibodies. If you have not I'd ask doctor for a test. If she refuses and you can afford a private test, below are details. If you do have any tests for thyroid gland you should have the very earliest appointment and fast (you can drink water). If you take thyroid hormones (levothyroxine or alternatives) you should allow 24 hours between the last dose and the blood test. Get a print-out with the ranges and post on a new question.

    Also if you've not had a recent test for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these also. Get a print-out with the ranges and post the results. on a new question


  • I thought there was a NHS homeopathic hospital in the south west despite many views that it should not be NHS funded.

  • I am in Scotland Treepie x

  • Hi. I think there's one in Glasgow.

  • Hi Pasha thanks will look into it but would need to go private. Xx

  • Nonsense your GP can indeed refer you to any of the Homeopathic hospitals in the UK because they are part of the NHS

    However whilst i am a big fan of homeopathy its generally not possible to deal with hypothyroid

    PPI s are definitely not at all good and you are right to get off them but you will need time and patience to correct your digestive issues

  • Hi reallyfedup123

    Yes I did read somewhere that GPS have to listen to patient's requests , but some NHS districts have pulled out of this service.. think the young locum GP was exasperated with my huge amount of symptoms and prob just wanted me to leave lol!! I'm halfway off Omeprazole so that's not bad going.. maybe come off last dose in the new year.. slowly.. I have HCL WITH PEPSIN X

  • l asked for Homeopathic app to the clinic (used by NHS in Soton) and was given app years ago by trainee doc. He soon left and it was cancelled - l was furious. Rang then Area Health Authority who refused to query it - despite we have all paid our NI contributions. So many Medics want to stay 'in charge' and get ?jealous of anyone else successful in treatment. I have just had a huge battle with pleasant GP to send me to Endo and was diagnosed with low Cortisol - something of which l knew little and had thought it was Hypothyroid. Had been treated for 20 years by amazing Healer now taken from us.

    l now recall having talked to at least 6 doctors in past 40 years and been fobbed off by all. l was sent to London hospital where l was working in 70's and found letter written by partner of my nice GP. It read: will you convince this young girl there is nothing wrong. At the moment l feel l could kill! lt has practically ruined my life and career

  • Your GP should not prevent you going to Homeopathic doctor. I'm in Scotland too and yes the Glasgow Homeopathic hospital in Glasgow needs a GP referral or its private. My GP has no qualms about referrals. She agrees Medici e and natural cures can work side by side. Try asking to see another GP in your practice Dreamer12. Good luck

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