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I went for my bloods drawn yesterday my gp wanted to check my thyroid results b4 increasing to nxt dose of levo (75) as just starting out on my journey to recovery. However, when I asked nurse what tests the only thyroid yes was tft he requested and not really heard much about this through my mounds of reading iev done. Is this going to b a useless indicater of my thyroid????

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Sorry, speckles, your question is somewhat unintelligible from 'However, when L asked the nurse...' :)

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TFT stands for "Thyroid Function Test".

Usually a TFT consists of getting TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) measured.

If TSH is out of range, either above or below the range, then (usually but not always) Free T4 is measured.

If Free T4 is above the range, then Free T3 might be measured, but there are no guarantees with Free T3 testing. It rarely gets done.


arr I c its just basically an umbrella term for TSH, F4 and very lucky F3. I understand now. Sorry Grey Goose if my message was a bit gobldy gook lol 😁 x

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