Feeling faint since taking Adrenavive iii


I went to see Dr P last Wednesday and after seeing me he said I was probably one of the worse cases he'd seen of Adrenal Fatigue. He advised I reduce my Levothyroxine immediately from 75mcg to 50mcg a day. I did this from the following day. The 250mg/capsule adrenal cortex supplement, Adrenavive iii arrived on Saturday morning and I've been taking one capsule a day with breakfast since.

However, since this morning I've been failing faint and disorientated. I feel like I need to sleep or that I might pass out.

Is this normal? Does anybody else take Adrenavive iii? I've called and left a message for his secretary but I've not heard back yet.



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29 Replies

  • I've just checked my blood pressure and it's 101/67.

  • Not everyone gets on with adrenal supplements. There's a fair few who couldn't get on with NAX, I couldn't even manage NA.

  • What was your experience? How did it make you feel? Maybe I'll never get better 😔 Or perhaps I need a lower dose to start off with. Adrenavive iii has the highest dose.

  • Are they tablets or capsules? Is halving or quartering them feasible? You might be okay if you built up slowly.

  • I did think of that but yes they are capsules so splitting them will probably not work. Humanbean did you ever take an Adrenal Cortex supplement?

  • I took NAX very briefly. Then I discovered I had high cortisol, and NAX is definitely not a good idea for anyone under those circumstances.

    I didn't feel well on the NAX for the short time I was on it.

  • I asked Dr P and his secretary why they aren't recommending Nutri Adrenal anymore and they said it has been taken off the market as there were some issues with it.

    The replacement for that apparently is now Adrenavive and Metavive from Procepts Nutrition. Website is: the-natural-choice.co.uk/Pr....

    Dr P wants me to take the urine thyroid and Adrenal profile tests but apparently that has to be after taking Adrenavive for a period of time.

  • Sorry, I can't really help with adrenal supplements for low cortisol. It's never been one of my problems.

  • That's ok. How did you come to find out that your cortisol was high? Did you have certain symptoms or a test?

  • I did a four-part saliva test from Genova Diagnostics UK.

    There is information about Genova and the tests they offer at this link :


    Saliva testing is the best form of testing for cortisol because it measures levels of cortisol in a form which is ready for the body to use (unlike blood testing which measures a total of bound and unbound cortisol - and the body can't immediately use bound cortisol).

    The test also measures DHEA.

    Another benefit of saliva testing is that there are four measurements made at different times throughout the day so you get more information about what cortisol is doing over a much longer period of time than a single blood test would tell you.

    Lots of people do the test, which you can find here :


    Read the description, analytes and requirement plus the additional resource down the left hand side of the page.

    If it interests you you must follow the instructions in the first link I gave to order it and get your results, rather than ordering online.

  • I've got the test kit for the Genova Adrenal Stress Profile which is a saliva test. I've also got the Urine Thyroid Hormones test. However, I was asked by Dr P to do this after taking Adrenavive iii for sometime.

    Did you take the Adrenal Stress Profile test?

  • I've lost track of who is answering who now.

    I've taken the Adrenal Stress Profile Test twice now and it has shown high cortisol both times. I really, really must do another one, but I'm permanently broke and I keep putting it off.

    I've never done a Urine Thyroid Hormones Test. I wouldn't have a clue how to interpret the results.

    For example, suppose my T3 came out high. Does that mean I'm taking too much? Does it mean that the T3 I'm taking isn't getting absorbed?

    I can think of a couple of explanations for various results on a the urine test but I don't know which explanation would be the right one.

  • Sorry to interupt conversation. I take nuti adrenal. Was on medrol. Nuti adrenal is still available.

    I have not heard of problems with it.

  • That's ok. I'm only repeating what I was told. That is strange though.

  • Serendipitious I felt nauseous and very out of sorts. Years later I discovered I had low cortisol. Interesting that Nutri Adrenal is no longer available though.

    I think it was Dr Skinner who thought that when being properly medicated the adrenals would improve. humanbean you're a mine of information, have I got this right? Thanks!

  • I don't feel nauseous but I do feel light headed, faint and unable to focus on anything and my blood pressure is around 105/65 since this morning. It's the first time I've felt like this.

  • I've read that comment about Dr Skinner and the adrenals improving on their own quite a few times. I only saw him once before he died and we never got on to the subject of the adrenals, so I can only repeat what others have said. I was very ill at the time I saw him and my memory of the consultation is very, very vague indeed.

    Dr P on the other hand, seems to get everyone or almost everyone on to adrenal support, as far as I can work out. I've never seen Dr P myself, so I can't comment on him at all.

  • humanbean thanks for replying and what a shame that your consult with Dr S is a distant memory.

    My experience with Dr P was being advised to take adrenal support and I think you're correct in that he recommends it for pretty much everyone.

    Not convinced it's right or necessary for everyone but in hindsight my Lyme disease has an awful lot to answer for.

  • I take mine away from food (at least 30 mins before breakfast). I had fairly bad low cortisol and needed far more than one capsule a day for several years before I felt better, plus lots of meditation, rest and healing sounds. I used to have some days when I felt worse even though I was being treated. It's very important not to stress yourself physically or mentally. It's possible that you might do better on whole adrenal, rather than cortex (although Adrenavive III is what I take these days, I used to take 3 or 4 of the equivalent whole adrenal ones for years).

    My symptoms of low cortisol were feeling dizzy and blacking out, plus vomiting with back and stomach pain, so it might just be that you are going through a bad patch.

  • Hi angel

    I hope you dont mind me messaging you and wondered if i could pick your brains. I saw dr p and he recommended nutri advanced adrenal extras.i used to take 2 per day and managed really well. Then couldnt get them anymore so tried swansons raw adrenal and gone downhill. Very low cortisol now.ive ordered some adrenovive iii and wondered how many i should take so its the equivalent to 2 nutri adrenal extras?

    Hope to hear from you

    Many thanks


  • Monkeypants,

    Your message came to me. If you need Angel_of_the_North to reply to you you need to click reply to her post and then write to her.

  • I wonder if I should take the Adrenal Stress Profile test now. Perhaps it may reveal something I don't know? I had a blood test in London last month and that revealed my cortisol was low. Well that's what Dr P said when he saw it. It was Cortisol (Rand) 108 nmol/L.

  • Oops sorry about that. Many thanks for letting me know x

  • Hi Serendipitious - I take Adrenavive - I think mine is II rather than III. I did try Nutri Adrenal Extra first (at Dr P's suggestion) but they made me feel ill. That's because it contains the whole adrenal rather than just the cortex, which is what is in Adrenavive. So that can cause problems.

    So I wouldn't have expected Adrenavive to cause the kind of problem you have - although perhaps, as you say, you need a lower dose (maybe I or II?) to start with. Personally, if I were you I'd wait till you hear back from Dr P before continuing. It may be that you will feel better after a few days if you continue though, I'm just not sure.

  • Thanks for your feedback CarolineC57. That did also cross my mind. I wonder why I was given iii and not i or II. Thankfully later today his secretary called and through her I was able to get more advice from Dr P. I've been asked to stop the Adrenavive iii but keep my levothyroxine lowered from 75mcg to 50mcg. I also have a phone consultation with Dr P this Friday to discuss things further.

    I'm assuming you also took the Genova tests? At what point were you asked to do the Adrenal Stress Profile and Urine Thyroid hormones tests? Was this after taking Adrenavive for some time or before?

  • Hi - Glad you got through to Dr P's secretary and got this sorted.

    I actually did the 24-hour adrenal stress test off my own bat a while after seeing Dr P. He'd suggested I try Nutri Thyroid and Nutri Adrenal Extra. He did his usual tests - blood pressure seated and standing, etc - but said there was no point in spending money on the stress test as he was certain what it was.

    The Nutri Thyroid did nothing for me though, and the NAX made me feel really ill. So I did some digging around on this forum and found that the whole adrenal supplement (NAX) could cause problems like that. At that point, I did the stress test from Genova myself and - when it showed adrenal insufficiency, as suspected - I put myself on the forerunner to Adrenevive (can't remember the name of it now). I found I was much better on that.

    I've also been experimenting with thyroid tablets. When Nutri Thyroid didn't work, I first tried NDT (which had some effect but not as much as hoped), and now I'm doing T3 only. I finally seem to have found the right thing for me, which is great! :-)

    It sounds like Dr P is doing very well for you - he's a great doctor so do keep following his advice. It may be a long road, but you'll get there in the end.

  • Oh, I forgot to say ... when it comes to thyroid testing, I use Blue Horizons for regular blood tests (including FT4 and FT3). I'm afraid I don't know the circumstances where you'd do a urine test rather than a blood test so I can't comment on that.

  • I'm also losing track of who I've replied to and where. Do you remember what that forerunner to Adrenavive was? If you can please let me know I'd be very grateful. I know I need to be patient but now as a result of my health problems I lost my job last week. I wasn't able to concentrate and I forgot the most basic of things. So naturally I'm feeling a bit low and frustrated at the moment.

    Did you also by any chance ever take the DI02 test which apparently proves that you're unable to convert T4 to T3? I'm thinking about doing it.

    Also, how long did it take you to reach a point where you started to feel better after first seeing Dr P?

    Sorry for asking so many questions!

  • Hi again - don't worry about asking questions - that's what this forum's here for. :-) Sorry to hear you've lost your job. I had to give mine up some time ago - long before I knew anything about thyroid and adrenal problems, when I was just "fobbed off" with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome - so I know how that feels.

    I'm afraid I can't remember the name of the other adrenal cortex thing - but Adrenavive is supposed to be the same anyway. It may be that they don't make the other thing any more - I'm just not sure (you know how it is with forgetting things with this illness :-( ).

    I've never done the DI02 test so I don't know anything about this. Your best bet to find out about that would be to start a new post on here asking about it and I'm sure someone who knows about it will come along and answer your questions.

    In my case it's been a long time before I started to feel well - but we're all different so that doesn't mean it will be in your case. I first consulted Dr P around 3 or 4 years ago, and I'm only just starting to feel any improvement now. But, in the meantime, I went off and "did my own thing" - I haven't been regularly consulting him as he was ill in between me seeing him and now. Why it's been so long for me is because it seems I've got something called thyroid hormone resistance, and that needs different treatment than "ordinary" hypo. It's taken me a long time to try different things before I discovered this. Even now, I'm only just starting to notice improvements in some aspects.

    So please don't let that put you off or worry you. I've seen other people on here who have found the right treatment for them and improved certain aspects of their health really quite quickly. As I said, we're all different. Here's hoping you're one of the ones who gets the right treatment straight away and starts to feel the benefit really soon. :-)

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