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Erfa & where to buy it from

Hello Everyone,

I am new here!. What a wonderful website! I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism ( hashimotoes disease ) 16 years ago when I was in my 30s. Knowing all that I know now I have probably been hypo since my early 20s and this was possibly the reason why I had so many health probs and miscarriages. But hey ho we live and learn onwards and upwards as they say.

I have been on both thyroxine and either armour or erfa in varying amounts over the years and I can honestly say that it saved my life. I thought I felt 'better' with some thyroxine initially but it wasn't till Armour was added into the mix that I started to feel almost normal again. My flaky dry skin improved and my fine straight hair ( which I was slowly losing with bald patches either side of my head) grew back thicker and curlier!

My problem now is that I am moving to France and Doctors there simply don't prescribe it! Can anyone tell me where I can buy Erfa online? Please send me a private message if so. Any help much appreciated.

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I'm glad you are feeling much better with Erfa. Isn't it amazing that we cannot get it freely anywhere in Europe.

Big Pharma has done a good job in their promotion of levothyroxine as the 'perfect' replacement for NDT, because if patients don't recover with levothyroxine, they will earn even more money for the 'other' prescriptions for the remaining symptoms, instead of a thyroid hormone which makes the patient well and symptom-free.

Just for information, if you've not seen this before:

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Thanks Shaws interesting article no I haven't seen it before.



I believe NDT is illegal in France. Not sure what penalty there may be other than confiscation if it is discovered you are importing it.


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