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Endocrinologist Midlands area. Can anyone recommend please?

Hi I'm relatively new to this site and have found it incredibly informative and helpful so thanks to all.

I'm asking on behalf of my daughter who has lots of symptoms of hypothyroidism. Has had her tsh tested which we have been told is normal at 2.39 her free t4 is 19. She has all of the classic symptoms, freezing cold hands feet, wears jumpers in the middle of summer, tired, depressed, dry skin and hair loss she has raised tryglycerides and low Hdl which we know can be due to PCOS also. She is also undergoing tests for PCOS. I've read that hypo is quite common in PCOS but the doctor refuses to check her antibodies. I've just ordered her a blue horizon test to check for free t3 and antibodies (hoping it's accurate) and will then take results To hopefully see a private endo if anybody could recommend a good one. We did see one a couple of weeks ago and he was incredibly arrogant quoted blood tests that weren't even done didn't even read the list of blood tests and just says she looked perfectly fine to him and basically implied I am an overprotective mom! So angry!

Thank in advance.

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Not Midlands, but Calderdale Royal Hospital

Listening, engaging and caring!!! And honest - wow!

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I see him. he is fantastic.


Dr Maksoud, who works in Derby and Nottingham areas. He is a lovely man who listens and I feel seems to care. He tests well and prescribes T3 if needed. Be prepared for a long appointment my friends are always over an hour long and he likes it when you take a detailed list of all your symptoms for him to read.


Hi Booboo212

Your daughter is lucky to have you as a mum and looking out for her. My Endo reluctantly did one of antibody tests but isn't much use without the other, I'm informed so I also will get BlueH. Testing soon. That's good you too are getting it. What age is your daughter? The way your doctor was arrogant is exactly the treatment I received when I stood up for myself(not easy ) when they are so blatantly ignorant about thyroid issues. My gp reeled off everything normal too BEFORE the antibodies result was back from the lab and said angrily your Levothyroxine will be stopped. He said m diabetes result was normal at 6.1 (4.8-6) ref range. No guidance about recommendations about being Almost diabetic!! Complete lack of care. I write to the Endo yesterday by email to request my Levo re-instated. If your daughter is a child.. hopefully a paediatric doctor would be better?? Keep posting on here and getting print outs of your daughter's blood results, you will get a lot of excellent advice about thyroid and very important supplements. I was anaemic and GP did not let me know. Tcare Jane xx


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