Msg from susanna333- spam or REAL?

I got an email with a msg from Susanna333 with a link to YouTube.

I'm wary of opening it on my tablet. I had opened it earlier on my mobile but print too small to read but seemed to be remarks about individuals being blocked and referred to rudely.

Was this spam?

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I'm treating it as spam and have deleted it. Second one I've had, different poster (or is it?)

Yes. Spam. Very smart of you not to click on the link. Sometimes it is harmless and merely directs you to another site -- but one never knows.

Seems many are getting the same thing you received. I got one just now and deleted it without seeing the name, but it wasn't about members. This one also included a link and some narrative that was obviously a come-on. I didn't bite.

Next time I'll get the name and send a copy to an administrator.



In your received message there are three little dots at the top near senders name.

If you click on these, you can report any spam or obuse directly to HU. This facility isnt that clear.

It is also helpful to copy & paste the message and send to an admin for their info.

Hi Unfortunately I was not able to find these 3 dots next to the senders names, wouldn't have a clue how to copy and paste to anyone, I'm oldish woman just learning to use a laptop!


Have look here as it is explained much clearer.

Josepie: Once you get the hang of it it is easy, this looks very detailed but is a good walkthrough, hope it helps:

Copy and Paste

Place the cursor at the beginning of the text or image to be copied, using the touchpad on the laptop.

Press and hold the left control button below the touchpad, then guide a finger over the touchpad to highlight the text and images for copying. The selected areas will be highlighted in a different color, typically blue.

Release the left control button when finished highlighting a section for copying.

Press the right control button and use the touchpad to highlight "Copy" from the dropdown menu that appears.

Place the cursor over a blank word-processing, web or desktop publishing template, press the right control button and choose "Paste." This will copy the highlighted content into a new document or webpage template, where it can be edited.


Quickly highlight and copy all content on a page by pressing the right control button on the laptop and highlighting "Select All." Then choose "Copy."


Some websites may be copy-protected and are designed to block attempts at cutting and pasting for copyright protection.

Thankyou so much for your help, I will try this :)

me too. Dnt open just delete it x

I've had a bout 5 of these now from different people, you click on the link to read the message and its reads "Nothing here" I am confused as to what it is? :(

Hi, I have had lots of these recently I to am techno phobic but Clutter helped me through the process. I wish these fools would grow up.

We all have enough to deal with, without that worry to.xx

Thanks to all who have helped here with the " technical " side of things.It is really appreciated especially by we oldies who are a bit more limited in our knowledge .....I too have never used cut and paste.

One thing is for certain .....we're all here to help each other in more ways than one.....what a team we are !😊😊

However,there are clearly some out there who've got problems of their own!!!!!

Copy and paste is better than cut, as you would still have the original.

When the culprits are identified and dealt with by HealthUnlocked (eventually), I think all their messages disappear.

However, you do often see "Nothing here" or similar words when a page starts to display - only tio be replaced by the actually contents a few seconds later.


When PMs disappear or the page reads "Nothing here" it is usually because HealthUnlocked have deleted the account of the spammer.

I see Thankyou for this info @


Hi again "Clutter" I have read with interest some of your posts on here and you really seem to no your stuff about UAT, therefore I am hoping you can help me understand some of my blood test results, Just before I stopped taking Levo altogether I had slowly took myself down from 150mg to 25mg then nothing at all for about 2 weeks, I went and had a blood test just last week and the doc told me its in range (whatever that means) anyway I did go and see her and told her everything I had done, she did say Levo can stay in your system for a while, anyway I did start to take 25mg again as I got scared, as people on here were saying how dangerous it is to stop taking Levo, the dodtor told me yesterday to take 50mg as 25mg is too low for an adult and to come back in 3 months for another blood test, I asked at reception for a print out of my blood results, its an A4 sheet and just full of stuff I have no idea about, on the part which says "Thyroid function test (X77Wg)" it reads like this "Serum TSH level (XaELV) 2.71miu/L {0.3-5}" Then underneath it says

"Serum free T4 level(XaERr)" 10.9pmol/L {8.4 - 19.1} I am so hoping you can put this into layman's terms for me? Thankyou :)


Please start your own post with these questions. This thread is about spam messages and is therefore not the place to discuss your personal health. :) Thanks


If you copy and paste your post and write your own post I'll be happy to answer.

Hi josepie

It's spam. HU and admins are working hard to stop them causing too much inconvenience.

To report spam on a small tablet like mine look for a small v in a box next to the 'like' box we click on when we agree with comment the small 'v' box lets you report things πŸ˜€

That is exactly right for posts and responses - but for Private Messages, follow RedApple's instructions here:

Looks like spam

See RedApple's post 5hours earlier.

Spam reported to Clutter who is aware of the problem. Don't open any links that you think are suspicious just msg admin about them.

I also had the same message as I only have mobile had trouble trying to read it, decided it was rubbish so deleted it. The thing to do is ignore this people and they will get fed up.

If everyone recognised them and ignored them, that would make it simply a nuisance as long as they continue. It isn't always easy to do that and some members are being upset by the mere receipt of unexpected, unwelcome messages.

Therefore, the thing to do is to delete them - but only AFTER having reported them. Please.

I totally agree with what you say as this message was only the second message I have received from the site as I have only just joined it, so if I get any more will definitely let you know before I delete it.

Has everyone received this message ( I have too!)? If so how come? It worries me a little that people can send things to everyone on this forum. Are we being hacked?

It looks like the troll(s) sign up, send Private Messages, and when found out, get kicked off by HealthUnlocked. Again and again.

Please, please Report the Private Message(s) and then delete them:

The messages will get deleted anyway. It is up to you whether or not you'd prefer to delete them yourself.

Tried reporting as suggested and not working. Thanks anyway.

Thanks for trying.


The site has NOT been hacked. Some disaffected idiots are simply trolling the forum by spamming stupid messages. If you have had spam private messages please copy the messages to an admin and report the messages to HealthUnlocked.

As above. Thanks.


If the PMs haven't been deleted could you please tell me the names of the people who have sent you PM spam?

It was the susanna 333 with the link to youtube. That is why I asked if everyone had received the same one because this seems to be the one mentioned here the msot. Thanks again for following up.


Susana333 seems to be the only one linking to YouTube and she has now been banned.


Yes, I got one of similar content, it came from "food_ie". It didn't sound true to me and I wasn't sure how to respond - so I didn't. It sounded like someone who had had their post deleted or failed to show due to silly/objectionable content and then took it too personally and overreacted. Just a nut job AngelaW, ignore it.

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