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Salt and sleep

Since starting the ketogenic diet I have found sleep disrupted rather more than usual. So I asked the keto community and everyone said eat more salt. I have taken to having an 'adrenal cocktail' during the day, and the effect has been magical. I do like my sleep, but the combination of keto diet and salt has meant I need to spend less time in bed!


4 Oz. of Orange Juice – fresh squeezed is best, but not essential (the Vitamin-C Complex makes sure that the minerals noted below get to the Liver to then nourish the Adrenals)

[I avoid orange juice because it is high in sugar, and either half the juice of half a lemon, or a tsp of whole food Vitamin C plus water

1/4 tsp of Cream of Tartar (this is an excellent source of Potassium or you can use Potassium Bicarbonate)

1/4 tsp of fresh ground Real Salt or Sea Salt (this is an excellent source of Sodium & 90+ other minerals)

Mix well till salt is dissolved and swig back. Preferably without any food, but I admit I don't like the taste and generally have a herbal tea after.

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I noticed after drinking whey protein I wasn't sleeping very well, I thought it was cos I was taking too much NDT or vit B. I've also noticed bad breath since doing the protein, horrible bitter taste in my mouth. You?


I can't stand whey, its too sweet. And pea protein really upset my digestion - foul smelling everything. I am now eating low carb, moderate protein, high fat (at least in theory, I struggle to get it all in). I don't do shakes at all any more, although there is still some rice protein in the cupboard.

When you first go ketogenic (ie low carb) there is a tendency to bad breath and the foul taste(a bit like the taste in pregnancy), but it settles down. I used to hit the olives when it was bad, or anchovies - both of which I love, so it was no hardhsip. When I was first pregnant the earliest sign was that I was eating crisps all the time to get rid of the taste!

[A bit of a lost afternoon. I was making the Christmas cake that I probably won't eat. But its impossible not to nibble a bit....]

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They're not the best tasting that's true, I've switched to the lactose free whey isolate with stevia (as some sweeteners give me IBS.) I take it after exercise & I've lost weight for the first time in ages. Not tried rice protein yet. Enjoy the Christmas cake!


I won't eat much cake, more or less lost my sweet tooth, as long as it's not 4.00pm! But it's been ordered by my daughter and I dare not refuse!

Since going keto I've lost interest in breakfast, so no need for protein shakes! I have never coped with sweeteners, so it rather cheered me up to learn that they provoke insulin release. I'm doing my best to avoid processed food, and protein powders definitely count as that.


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