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Quick question 😍 Is anyone on T3 only ( no thyroid) on only 30 mcg a day?

Stopped Levo under Endo supervision on 12 September. Was already on 15 mcg with the 100 Levo.

Currently on 40 T3 and 24/7 migraine and nausea. Would like to reduce to 30 T3 but is it enough? Was ok - ish at that dose. Thyroid nurse says it will be too low but my TSH has never been above 0.02 and I think I've been over suppressed for years hence my problems.

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TSH, suppressed or not, doesn't cause symptoms. It's low or high FT4 and/or FT3 which will cause symptoms.

If you don't feel well on 40mcg T3 skip a couple of doses and reduce to 30mcg. If 30mcg isn't sufficient and you begin to feel hypo either increase in 5mcg increments or add in some Levothyroxine.

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I wonder if you have a sensitivity to the T3 you are taking (I am assuming MP T3?).

I have my gland and take just under 50mcg of T3. Everyone is different and some take more/less. I don't take MP T3.

If you try taking an anti-histamine tablet one hour before you take your dose of T3 (I am assuming you take one daily dose) and if your unpleasant symptoms are alleviated, you might have to change to another T3.


I'm on 40mcg a day of only T3 (all taken in one dose early morning). It's the first ever dose I've felt great on, having previously only been allowed 30mcg a day by the doctors; and before that only on 20mcg a day and felt like death. Now they are trying to reduce me back down to 30mcg a day again as they don't like my blood test results. Wow - I would love to know who your doctors are, reluctant to reduce you down, although I do understand you are getting migraines and nausea.


Hi, I have my thyroid and on 80mcg T3 taken in one dose in the morning. I used to take 150mcg Levo. My TSH has been suppressed since I started T3 and but my FT3 has never been over range. I get migraines and nausea when undermedicated but everyone is different.


What are your ft3 and ft4 levels, are they within range? That's something that will help you know if you are on too little or too much as well as how you feel. Tsh is irrelevant.



I've read somewhere that physiological dose of T3 is actually 25-30mcg. However, many people need more and an average dose seems to be about 50mcg. Everybody is different and we all have to figure out how much we need by trial and error. As Clutter advised, you could reduce to 30mcg and see how you feel. Good luck and take care x


I too feel sick on T3 & I'm only on 10mg, recently started on it. Hope it doesn't last.


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