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Shakes post partial thyroidectomy

Hi six weeks post op and I have seen the surgeon who has said no follow ups needed as my blood test was 2.2 and that the feeling that something was in my throat may go away or I may just to have to get used to it. I don't feel great I feel a bit sick on and off, am getting strange headaches, getting bouts of feeling shaky inside followed by an upset tummy and it is so hard to know why

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Hey Maz1964,

So sorry you are feeling like this. Reading your previous and current posts, it doesn't sound like you are at the right blood level. I know your endo said that a TSH of 2.2 is normal but for some people it's not. It's a shame that the feeling of lump in your throat hasn't gone away yet. It can be a bit of swelling still or it could be the remaining thyroid lobe. However, I think it's too early post op to come to this conclusion. I think you need to go back to your doctor and explain your symptoms. Maybe ask him or her to work with you and try get your TSH lower than 2.2. They also need to check your T4. Also please remember that the other remaining lobe should start compensating for the lobe they have removed. Maybe you need a bit longer to recover from this. We all recover at different rate. Are you on any thyroid replacement hormones? When I had my partial thyroidectomy 7 years ago, they didn't give me any Thyroxine and didn't need it until this year. But I did feel tired a lot.

Hope you have someone at home looking after you. Do you work? If yes, take it easy for a while or try get some more time off.

Good luck



Thank you Tamzin it is reassuring that how I feel could possibly be linked to thyroid as I am beginning to feel like a total hypercondriac. Preop whilst I had earache I never had any symptoms and only felt unwell once I began stressing that potentially I had cancer. I'm almost scared to mention how I feel to my doctor now as I just seem to keep whinging and looking for problems. physically I had felt pretty good but it seems to be going downhill or maybe just not moving on. Much of my neck is still numb / tingly which the surgeon told me is normal and may also be permanent - is this common do you know? the surgeon's only concern was that my voice hadn't been affected and said I wouldn't need any further monitoring or blood tests. I am so glad you are improving and thank you for listening x


Hi Maz1964 I was well for 5 months after my sub-total thyroidectomy in 1978. I then, all of a sudden, woke one night and couldn't breathe. A locum came out and gave me an injection. Hydrocortisone I think, and next morning i went to GP who put me on Valium. I really needed some T3, but was not then treated for another 19 years. In that time I felt as you do and once on Levothyroxine I felt much better. I think you may need to give it a bit longer than six weeks to know how you will really feel. I wish you well soon.


A long time ago, 1967 I had a partial thyroidectomy, when I went for my check up with the Consultant a month later I said I still did not feel that well, he was more interested in his own handiwork as he made a big deal of how good the scar was. He did ask what I had been doing and I said I was looking after my eighteen month old daughter and usual household chores, he snorted and said what do you expect. I left the room with my tail in between my legs. Some 27 years went by before I was placed on thyroxine. Of course this is a long time ago and it did take me some three months or so to start feeling better. A lady I was in hospital with who had the same op and who was obviously in a better financial situation went off to a convalescent home for respite care. Just give yourself a little more time but do consult with your GP and ask for thyroid levels to be checked. I hope you feel so much better soon.


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