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When should I come off NAX and T3

After a diagnosis of 'exhausted' adrenal glands, I've been on NAX (4-6 tablets) for 2 years and T3 (20 micrograms) for 18 months.

I feel generally ok and am wondering if I should start coming off the drugs. How long does someone normally take these for? And how does one come off?

I've recently reduced the dosages to 2 NAX and a third of a T3 tablet (6.6 micrograms roughly). However, when i had my last menstrual period I got really sick with gastroenteristis and the flu in the same week....(Dr P always said getting sick at period times is a sure sign of adrenal weakness). I've also been enjoying a 6 month holiday which has meant very little stress. I'll be starting a new job next week and may ha r more stress.

Also, what tests should I get to check if the NAX and T3 have worked or not?

I've only had one appointment with Dr P right at the beginning due to the expense (and living overseas except for holiday visits). I'm back at Christmas and wondering if I should do another ASI and another thyroid test and if this would give results of how the drugs are working.

Any ideas/experiences would be appreciated.

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Thyroid doesn't usually repair or recover so thyroid replacement is usually taken daily for life. You should check thyroid levels annually to make sure you are adequately dosed.

You could start reducing NAX to see whether you can wean off but I wouldn't do it while you have the stress of starting a new job to cope with. A saliva cortisol test will enable you to see your cortisol and dhea levels.


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