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I wanted some bone broth but butcher didn't have any beef bones so gave me pigs legs and trotters, from the Christmas hams.. trotters, which I binned but simmered up the pig legs, now-- this sounds disgusting like something out the celebrity jungle, I cant face it, but when I took out the legs today, there is a saucepan full of gelatine, gelatine is good right? but pigs gelatine? not sure I can use it!

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  • Are these bones from cured or otherwise preserved meats? If it is just pork broth it should be fine. What is it you can't face?

    Did you blanch and roast the bones first?

  • punctured bike no I forgot to roast them, they are off a real porker, not persevered, I simmered them, I suppose because it look s insipid. ther was quite a bit of meat left but I had to chuck thethe trotters as I couldn't get skin off ,it had dye writing on them..

  • Hi Bluepettals,

    I'm sure you can, I made it a few months ago ( a couple of times) once with beef knuckles and bone, and then with chicken bones.

    I used a slow cooker and added Apple Cider Vinegar to draw out the minerals.

    I found it very dark in colour with a strong smell initially. After 24/30 hours simmering it was much milder, but I never ventured beef bones again.

    Chicken was more palatable and a good experience.

    It can be frozen Bp and added to sauces, soups or a couple of teaspoons in boiling water for a drink.

    I think it was Mango ( a member here) that is a dab hand at making it.

    J xx

  • hi jose,iwas going to put carrots onions etc in it, I just ddnt fancy porkers but reluctant to chuck away the gelatine, I amnot keenonbeef bones chickenis best, ibought a chicken in a bagbut didn't boil the carcass as I like to wash out the cavity before I cook it and icouldnt do that as it has a bag onit-- I suppose I canspice up the gelatine and veg etc.

  • That's a good idea bp,

    That was just my experience with beef bones. Keep all that good gelatine and maybe freeze it in small portions.

    It could be used with your frozen tomatoes when making a sauce for pasta etc.

    Please note; I'm neither a chef or a medic 😂😂😂

    J 👍

  • you probably are-- I am going to cook Ross's dinner now and then take him to bed!

  • Ross bp?

    Jonathan or his brother?

    J 🍀

  • Ross Poldark! who is jonathan?

  • lol

  • Jonathan Ross bp. Lol

  • OMG NO jose POLDARK!

  • Make soup with it, BP. Lots of veggies and chuck in a handful of pearl barley, or some lentils. Delicious!

  • you want to come have havesome with me gg?

  • Oh, I would love to! But, you're too far away. :(

  • Pearl barely .....sadly no good if gluten free 😩

  • Oh, really? I didn't know that. Sorry. I'm not gluten-free.

  • I should be glutenfree really but the effort is too much.

  • Does being gluten-free make you feel any better? If not, why bother. I was gluten/dairy/sugar-free for three months and still felt terrible, so thought, why bother? Now I eat a bit of whatever I fancy, and I'm feeling a tiny bit better every day.

  • I have been making bone broth from chicken, but finding it hard to get my arse in gear and eat the stuff. Have now resolved to make it up into a proper soup with whatever I have lying around: carrots, beans, etc. This week is brussel sprout, swede and sweet potato! Then have that for my lunch every day. I finish the lot in 3 or 4 days, now.

  • chicken is the bes t tastingi think cani come share yours silver A?

  • You're very welcome if you can make it to Liverpool :)

    And tolerate a lot of bitter brussel sprouts :p

  • My lovely hubby makes some for me every week with chicken bones. He adds chicken, leeks, carrots, ginger, garlic and coconut and it's fab-I have it most days for breakfast-which sounds odd but it's a healthy way to start the day and you do get used to it :-)

  • Ooh, that sounds good. I never thought of coconut.

    Myfavourite chicken soup is all orange things: sweet potato, carrot, turmeric, mustard. As much garlic as I can find the energy to peel. And chestnuts if I can get them. I tend to believe that anything orange or yellow is allowed.

  • infomaniac not weird, if I make a stew I have it breakfast lunch n dinner

  • Good on you Pettals for having a go xx

  • I PREFER CHICKEN BONES joyia and done that often before but I like to wash the cavity and my chicken wasin the bag!

  • Couldn't you take it out of the bag and wash it?

  • I suppose I couldhave done but it had herbs and stuff on it.. but yes good answser.

  • :D

  • I haven't got round to buying from them yet but I was talking to someone I know who made a lot of chicken broth and saying I always had to wait until I'd cooked a chicken before I could make soup and she told me she got her chicken carcasses from here

    I see there is a small charge for delivery but it might be worth looking into that bp. 🐓

  • yes I did contact them last yaer and forgot and just red also that pigs trotters produce the best gelatine for collogen and I thre mine away- back to the butchers now and I shall freeze them..

  • If you ask for a soup in a Chinese Restaurant, like chicken and mushroom, it is in a clear consommé.

    They make that from stock that they simmer for hours. The chickens feet are used as well bp as they say they have loads of collagen in them.


  • yes jose just read about how much in the trotters so I willget some more.

  • 👍 😊

  • I like the idea of adding a bit into sauces and other things you are making. It's a bit off putting when you first come across those bits of the pig. I remember first time I ever ordered half a pig for the freezer - I got everything you would find on one half of a pig - half a head including the ear! Have to say I was a bit surprised. Think after that I used to get sausages instead of the head and feet.

  • all my pigs gelatin wa sfrozen so I put it in saucepan and on a low light to melt and strain bone chippings and watche dthe betrayal and totally forgot and it has all burnt away, I am soooooooooo fe dup ,all that fabulous collogen gone!

  • hi all, sorry if I sound stupid but only been on this fab forum for 2 weeks. But y is bone broth so good for hypo

  • bone brothis good for the gut and all disease begins in gut watch the betrayal series posted onhere everywhere

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