so UTI was all' in her head' and psychiatrist said she 'wanted to regress to a baby' while professor says uti dipsticks are useless

as they are from the 1950s and hospitals are not picking up the different bacteria. I have photocopied a lot of this article and taking it my appointment at hospital as I am sure this situ is mine as well.

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Regressed to a baby! Honestly, the rubbish these psys come out with! They should be science fiction writers, rather than doctors!

Nah, SF readers are more discerning - they'd spot the bad science in the first few pages. Get them teaching media studies ...


did you read the articale GG

I did indeed. Thank goodness there was at least one doctor with some sense!

I don't agree with dipstick tests being outdated.

Dipstick tests will not tell you the type of bacterial infection, that is not their job but they are mighty useful for measuring blood in urine (often undetectable to the naked eye), protein and pH levels. Only a culture will tell you the bacteria strain and which antibiotic type to treat it with. Then there is the good old microscope to see if there are any urinary crystals present.

Strange article. There are several ways of investigating urinary problems and with the best will in the world it can sometimes take more than one try to clear something up. How would they update these tests? Sometimes there can be a mental link to chronic conditions such as cystitis where unpleasant cases of irritable bladder or urethral spasm can set up a vicious circle even though there is technically no infection or obstruction or their causes present.

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