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Rt3 and rt3 ratio levels, endo pro t3 north west?

Rt3 and rt3 ratio levels, endo pro t3 north west?

Hi, I'm new on here and have just had some bloods done privately as I don't feel levothyroxine is working for me (results in pic). I have normal tsh, t3,t4 but high rt3 and also low ratio for rt3/3. They are suggesting the t3 isn't working because of the high rt3. Doctor said he doesn't know anything about these and that those are not tested in the uk but has said I can be referred to an endo, does anyone know of any endo's in the northwest are pro t3? Also have b12 folate and vitamin d deficiency. Has anyone successfully self medicated?


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Welcome to the forum, Kdiver25,

TSH 3.82 is high for a patient taking Levothyroxine but increasing dose is likely to raise rT3. The best way to reduce high rT3 is to take T3 only for 3-4 months to clear the unconverted T4.

Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists. You will have to contact the offices of the doctors you are interested in seeing to find out whether they might prescribe T3. NHS doctors aren't trained to interpret rT3 results.


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