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Digestion problems w fibrous veg and alpha-galactosidase enzyme supplement

I see an alpha-galactosidase enzyme supplement is recommended to help digest fibrous veg. Does anyone else use/recommend this? I find I'm having to avoid more and more foods because they bloat my stomach so much. It isn't the typical thing of a bloated abdomen and feeling windy, this happens in my actual stomach and causes terrible nausea and discomfort.

Yesterday before I'd even finished lunch I felt as puffed up as a force-fed foie gras goose and I was nauseated for hours, courtesy of a bowl of Jerusalem artichoke soup. On Fri it took a bit longer (a couple of hours after dinner) but just a small serving of well-cooked kale made me feel ill. I already avoid kidney beans for this reason.

You know what it's like when you eat something that makes you feel sick, it can be hard to want to eat that food again, but I feel like veg should be a big part of my diet.

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I have very similar reactions. I used to take a few HLC and Pepsin with most meals (but breakfast), which helped a lot. Now I am trying to let the stomach work, ie, produce its own acid to dissolve the food rather than keep on helping it, so I am drinking a glass of cider vinegar (with the mother) through a straw with every meal and only take digestive enzymes as well when I eat starchy vegetables. It has been working. Before I was diagnosed I was suffering with most food so at least now I know what is going on. It is call hypothyroidism ☺

good luck puncturedbicycle


Glad you're seeing results. I have had problems w indigestion (heartburn) periodically but nothing like this. I've had mixed results w hcl and acv.


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