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adrenal crisis on medical notes as neurotic disorder!

I am bloody furious and need this OFF my notes-- I have just requested my notes a si needto go back to the spinal surgeon and I like a copy of all the tell tale lies,-- I think I will see the hospital chief. look up on the internetr the symptoms of addsions or adrenal crisis and that is what I had, after being so ill 2007, I collapsed in high street and taken to hospital, this was

after going to a and e twice before feeling awful with all those symptoms, of adrenal crisis, iremember the penetrating low back ache, the twitching and trembling and tingling unable to stand light or noise, the head pressure and weird rushing feeling

thru my solar plexus, and my sympathetic nervous system not switching off, after being picke dup in the high street with nerves fluttering everywhere in legs, they thought I was do lally even the ambulance woman thought I was odd, however, I remember they called my son at the hospital and I was too weak to answer

questions, I remember laying in semi darkness with him answering the nurses questions, that night I was vomiting profusely-- the last thing that happens with addisons /adrenal crisis--- I could do nothing the whole week and shoved in a wheel chair andcarted off to the shrink! he declared I wasn't mental so I must have

been'depressed with a virus'----- hey I didn't know that cause vomiting and I was on a drip for 3 days!-- fast forward 2010 sam ething happened but much much worse, I had a synacethen test at the time and cortisol was 217nmol... should be at least

500nmol--- netdoctor/adrenals.-- saliva tests showed a daily amount of just 12nmol th e range was 21 to 41 nmol... my body was shaking uncontrollably and I learne d later that adrenaline sets in to save a life with little or no cortisol. however this throbbing and head pressure was dreadful like my head in a crusher so iwa s sent to local neurologist and I wouldlove

to name and shame her--- I admit my letter was panic stricken after I saw her as I was drenched in swaet thatnight and thereafter for months, and the nervous ssyetm wa s haywire but that is adrenal malfunction-- and she wrote to gp saying I

neededto seea shrink hence on my notes NEUROTIC. when I saw a neuro I n London in 2013 aafterall this suffering, he said--- those two epsiodes sound like addisons crisises to me--- I was gobsmacked, sadly he said he couldn't document it as he wasn't an endo!- so I am stuck with neurotic disorder on my notes. a sheer blatant LIE!

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Hi Bluepettals,

That is very distressing. I'm sure you are so annoyed and angry. I know I would feel the same.

It's an opinion that was written in your medical notes a few years back and no doubt they never thought that we could ever be allowed to read their lies.

It is no consolation to you ...I bet there are so many patients notes with similar rubbish written on paper about their mental health.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again.



God will pay them back!

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I'm sure there's 'neurotic' written in several places in my notes - my ex even told one doctor I was neurotic! Thanks, pal! Fortunately, in France, your notes don't follow you around. Each doctor you see starts his own set of notes. The following doctor would only see them if he writes to the previous doctor and askes for them. But, I never tell anybody who my previous doctor was! lol

It's a terrible system you have in the UK. I met a midwife socially, once - she was married to a friend of my ex. And we got talking about medical 'things', and I asked her why you weren't allowed to see your medical notes, and she was horrified! And she was shocked at the idea that you would see them. She said, well, what if you want to warn your colleague that the patient in question is a neurotic, hypochondriac pain the a**e, you wouldn't want her to read that, would you? I said, well, I don't think you should be writing such things, and then it wouldn't matter if she read them! But, she couldn't understand my point of view! It's frightening, really, they can just say what they like about you, their own personal prejudice, and there's no control. Thank god people are now able to read their notes!


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