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What's going on.. Blood profile test

Hi I have underactive thyroid on 150mg thyroxine also diagnosed fibromyalgia . There's pass few months have been hell . Iv had pain in all my body tightening in musels tired feeling so low and poorly had lots of blood test non came back has bad . But iodine is low . And had a Bone Profile Blood Test come back had borderline . Any one lend some advice so fed up hear.. So tired and worn out I'm struggling to go to work and to function day to day . . This is not me . . Love to all xx

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Welcome to the forum, Charmed81823.

Ask your GP receptionist for your recent thyroid blood results and ranges, post them in a new question and members will advise whether you are optimally medicated. If you have results for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate post them too.


Involuntary tightening of muscles could be caused by spasticity or tetany.

These links give lists of possible causes :

I had a problem where I could consciously relax my muscles but as soon as I stopped concentrating my muscles would tighten up again. I found out in my own case that a tiny dose of potassium (99mg taken before bed) helped a lot, but supplementing potassium is not something to undertake lightly because it can affect heart function.

As well as the results that Clutter mentioned above you should also post the results of your bone profile.


Thank you I'm in the docters Monday I rang for my results today and was told the bone profile blood test what's borderline so I will see I just want to get to the bottom of all this I'm 35 had thyroxine for over 10 years thanx for your support xx


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