B12. Yipee

Wanted to share my good news managed to get my B12 up to 656 (180-900) that's an increase of 131 in 7 months

How did I do it unsure to be honest but during those months I've had liver every 2 weeks pate once a week took a B multi vitamin (advice from here sorry forgotten who) and increased and changed my B12 to an organic one and do twice weekly instead of once like I used to. I know it would be good to get it higher so I'm going.to continue with above and keep fingers crossed. Least it's not going down as it did previously! Happy week end to you all x

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  • Thats good news and I hope it continues for you.

  • Thanks Ellie

  • Great and we don't really acknowledge that all vits/minerals have to be at an optimum if we have an autoimmune condition. I don't think GPs are aware either.

  • Shares totally agree with you. Thanks best wishes x

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